Hugi Size Coding Competition Series
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We have a discussion board hosted by Yahoogroups. Many competitors and other people interested in these contests actively talk about new task ideas and strategies there. The actual tasks for new compos are established by democratic voting over this board. Everybody is also free to post test suites or suggestions concerning the rules.

You can read the board online here. To post, you must, however, subscribe to it by sending an empty email to This is necessary to block spam or junk mail.

As a subscriber you receive new postings automatically via email (like traditional mailinglists), but if you don't want that, you can disable it at the Yahoogroups website. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time by sending an empty email to

Postings have to be sent via email to You can also post using the Yahoogroups website if you log in using your email address and the password Yahoogroups assigned to you after your subscription.

At the moment there are about 150 subscribers.
I (Adok of Hugi) can also be contacted via email in case you have any special question.
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