X-Ceed of Floppy about Glowworms

Written by Magic of Nah-Kolor

Note: This very small article introduces X-ceed and gives some information about his track called Glowworms used in this special edition of Hugi. For an old interview with X-Ceed see the interview section.

Introduce yourself to the readers.

Hi there, this is Wojciech Panufnik aka xceed, one of those scene-dinosaurs who used to make tracked music long time ago :)

How long did it take you to compose this mp3?

Glow-worms is a cover version or rather remake/remix of a four-channel chip tune under the same title (included in the archive -ed), which I composed on protracker a long time ago. Once I decided to make a 'full' instrumental version. Though the melody line is completly different it has the arp-theme from original track and the same harmony. It's hard to say how long it took to compose this track as I hardly ever start a track from scratch and work only on it until it's finished. I always have more than 30 tracks in project versions which I started some time ago. When I have an inspiration to work on a particular track I return to the project or to the moment I finished last time and countinue my work. Sometimes it even happens that I work on a couple of tracks "simultaneously".

What instruments did you use?

Besides synthetic arpeggio-maintheme I used mainly sampler programs of real instruments like picked bass, steel guitar, piano, strings and rhodes piano.

Give us your last words and greetings and advertise your website! :)

Greetings to all Hugi readers and scene-guys who are still there! Visit my website at: www.wojciechpanufnik.com

Magic / Nah-kolor