By Adok/Hugi

Editor's note (2013): This is an update! Six years after the first release, we decided to add the new interviews from Hugi issues #34 - #37 to this pack and re-release this collection. Thus this is a complete collection of interviews published in the Hugi Magazine through the years 1998 - 2012.

Welcome to Hugi Special Edition #3: Interview Bonanza!

This special edition of Hugi is a complete collection of all the interviews with sceners from Hugi issues 11 - 33. In addition, it contains a couple of bonus interviews which have not been published in a regular issue of Hugi yet. To some of the interviews, additional photos have been added which were not included in the original versions. Some of these photos come from Slengpung, others directly from the interviewed. I hope that you enjoy reading!

News from inside the Hugi staff: Chris Dragan has become a father. His daughter Rosalia was born in july! And Chris is not the only one to get children in 2007: Polaris is expecting twins in november. Considering that other sceners, such as Navis/ASD, have also recently become parents or are going to become parents soon, I'm inclined to speak of a baby-boom in the scene. I wonder where this will end. Will it perhaps result in a next generation of sceners? This is the big question. At Assembly, the demoscene section is called the 'oldskool' section. This terminology suggests that the gamers represent the 'new' school of computer hobbyists. The average age of a scener seems to have shifted from late teens as in the 1990s to mid/late twens. People stay the same, there's no fresh blood. The younger geeks don't code demos, they play games. But maybe this will change when the sons and daughters of demosceners will be old enough to be the Next Generation Demosceners.