Interview with Pasy of Rebels

Done by Tristan/Hugi

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Robert Palmai aka pasy/rebels & fresh!mindworkz from Hungary. I'm 28 years old, and I'm working for my own computer company. I've been active in the demoscene since 1995, until 2004 mostly in the Hungarian scene.

What were your first contacts with the demoscene? When did it all start for you?

A Friend of mine showed me Amiga 500 demos recorded onto a 195 minute VHS tape, and I watched it several times. After half a year the same guy showed me the Ultraforce - Vectordemo. Half a year later my parents bought a PC for me and I started coding. My first demo was made in 1994 but lost it in my first Quantum HDD disaster :(

What do you really miss from the old 'Bulletin Boards days'?

I miss the limits of the hardware, and the extra ideas to get more than the maximum out of the computers from those times. And mailswapping also ruled back then.

What do you do for a living anno domini 2007?

Selling and repairing PC's and administrating smaller computer networks.

What groups are you in at the moment? What projects are you involved in the demoscene at the present time?

I'm in Fresh!mindworkz, a mainly Hungarian group, and in Rebels, a multinational big group. At the moment I'm coding a 64k intro. Dunno for which party yet. And there are 2 projects which are in the planning stadium.

What you think about the design of the new demoscene and the oldschool demoscene?

I like the oldschool style and newschool design, both have their advantages.

What you miss most from the oldschool era?

The parties from the past, and the number of the releases.

What other things do you like to do besides computer stuff?

Shooting short films with my camera, travelling by train.

What are your favourite demoscene groups of all times?

Hard to say, I like a lot of groups. My absolute favourites are Synesthetics and Shock.

Which demoscene parties did you visit and what did you like about them?

Ah parties, lot of, I try to list: Cache, Exe, Scenest, Firgering, Towel, SceneCON, Flag, Rage, AntIQ, Function, Breakpoint, Evoke, Core, Conference - I think that's all, my two favourites are Scenest 96 and Breakpoint 06.

What are your most favourite moments and worst moments in your demoscene life until now?

The best moment was the Scenest1996 party when almost 1000 people watched my second and third release, and I reached a 2nd place. The worst was Exe1995 when my first demo freezed was released and came last.

What tools do you use most?

Compilers and selfmade tools. There's no main demotool, I'm just using converters and engine configurators, and tiny tools. I'm too oldschoolish to create and use a big all purpose tool.

For you, who are the best coders on the demoscene?

From the international scene Curly Brace, from the hungarian scene Picard.

In your oppinion what were the best demos ever made? Can you mention some demos which you liked the most?

The best demo ever made for me is a 64k Heaven Seven from Exceed, I checked several times the making-of page of that intro, and I'm amazed, how could Picard do that raytrace engine so perfectly?

What groups, do you think, are the best on the demoscene at the moment?

The top 5 in random order: Farbrausch, MFX, Fairlight, Synesthetics, ASD

Can you give some last words and greets to friends/groups, some links to your work, any words of wisdom? :)

OOohm :), first, greets to all my teammates and friends. Links: and And my message to the demoscene community: stop flaming, start coding!