Interview with Magic / Nah-kolor


When exactly did you join your first group?

In 1988/89, I don't remember exactly, but it was a Commodore 64 group called Exotic.

What was the group Exotic like? Where did the members come from, what were their skills?

They were all locals from the town I live in the Netherlands. The usual skills were needed then as it is now - coder, graphics, musician, supplier (me :)) and cracker. (Yes, we cracked Batman the movie for example on the Commodore 64 ;)

When and why did you join Nah-kolor?

Hmm, I didn't join nah-kolor, I founded nah-kolor in july 1995 with my friend, the polish musician Dreamer. After the Somewhere In Holland 1995 party at my place we decided to built our own group. Norby arranged we got a subgroup of TRSI in the beginning but due to mis-communications with the TRSI management we were on our own after The Party 1995.

It was only two of you, but the group grew. How many members does it have at the moment?

At the moment there is not an official memberlist... Many Polish members still are in nah-kolor but are inactive... While Klod and Ripper of nah-kolor (both coders) just got back into business on the PC... There might be some new releases popping up in the long future!!

Nah-kolor was founded in Holland, but it's mostly a Polish group, how come?

Because Dreamer is from Polish origin and we both knew/know a lot of Polish sceners...

What's the greatest Nah-kolor release thus far?

I can't judge this... Let others do this... check: But perhaps, if I had to pick just one demo it would be Planet Loop because it was nominated for a demoscene award on the Breakpoint 2003 party for best demo of 2002.

Why is the group named Nah-kolor? Does it mean "no color"?

NOPE, it doesnt mean anything. I took Kolor from an inflateble beachball lying in my room and Dreamer added nah to it.

Has Nah-kolor sometimes been mixed up with the German group Kolor?

I have no idea... I hope not... Greetings to Kolor :)

What was the first diskmag you participated in?

Young, Fast and Wild, a Dutch diskmag released in 1992, and magbox#4, it was I think released in feb.1993 if I remember exactly.

Do you keep a list of diskmags you've contributed to? If so, we'd be interested in seeing it!

I used to do this in the 90's and I think this was also published in an old issue of Hugi? (Yes, it was.) Anyway I lost track by now... And it's always about writing new articles rather than looking back on old ones... I rather live now and here :)

Why did you join Hugi?

Through a natural way. We were in touch in the 90's, I always gave an article or 2 to you and I became more and more involved... Let's call it a evolution of fate :)

What do you think is the role of diskmags in the PC scene anno domini 2007?

To be informative. An amusement role also... They can close the gap with all the websites out there...

What do you enjoy most about diskmag-making?

Writing articles but perhaps even more arranging the stuff around and behind it... motivate the sceners who support it. Arranging the gfx and music etc... I hate editing but luckily you are the master in this field :)

What do you think of Zine #12?

My first impression is that some articles are just too long. The titlepic is shown too short to have a good look on it and I dislike that there is no function which can show all articles included on the screen. It also takes to long to go from one article to another because of the engine... But as a whole music, graphics, engine, articles, it made quite an impression! Great! And I hereby wanna congratulate all people involved and of course Axel on a job well done! Read my full review in Hugi#34! By then I have probably also got familiarised myself with this new Zine engine etc...

What's your opinion on Bitfellas?

Nice! Feels like calling a bbs in the first half of the 90's ;-) A great job by Alien + rest. A good alternative next to pouet, too. It could also provide some nice releases in the future as well. Like the Bitjam musicdisk for example. I hope Bitfellas won't become the corner stone of the demoscene though. There should be more communities like pouet and bitfellas in my humble opinion because a monopoly has proven not te be stable on the long run.

What's your favourite demo?

At the moment its for sure Lifeforce by ASD! But also Fairytale, Debris, Starstruck I like very much!

What's your favourite diskmag?

Since there are not many left alive I see this questions as all time... But I guess I like more than one... Pain, Savage on PC but on Amiga it always was RAW, ROM, Upstream, Generation, Stolen Data, Zine, Compass, Hackmag, etc etc...

What demo parties have you visited, and which has been your favourite?

I have visted a lot of parties in the first half of the 90's. The Party 1993 and 1994 were really cool! Scening at its best! Everything was so important and mattered, but I was only 18/19 back then :) More recently Breakpoint 2006 was really cool to visit!

What do you think about the releases at Evoke 2007?

I think they got better in quality and quantity compared to last year. Cocoon's demo was a surprise since their last release was in 2004. Alcatraz didn't make it to finish there demo so it seems that was a pity... Rob is Jarig was announced as Debris 2 ;-) I could follow it well trough the stream... I hope Evoke 2008 will have even better releases!

What do you think about Mudia Art by ATZ?

Looks too oldskool to me... (is this bad I wonder?), too much seen before stuff packed into it I think? But for a first issue it can only become better! Also becoz Mop (of ROM diskmag fame) now is to be seen in the ATZ memberlist at the ATZ website... So perhaps he will make a comeback in the diskmag scene? I wish them all the luck for making a very good issue 2... and 3... and 4... etc. ;-)

Have you always used the handle Magic?

Yes! Since 1988... Like the basketball player Magic Johnson...

What's your opinion on computer games?

Quite nice for people who like time! In my youth I was a big fan of Giana Sisters, now I play Ghost Recon 2 (thanx to the comeback of Skid Row :)) sometimes on the PC...

In Japan brain jogging games are very popular. Do you think that we should report about such games?

Nope... I am only in it for the demoscene :) Meaning if there was enough support Hugi should be only a demoscene mag. But hence I am glad it isn't becoz never change a winning formula :)

What are your hobbies apart from computers (if any :))?

Working, my girlfriend, going on holiday, going to the cinema (i have one next to my house ;), shopping in amsterdam, tennis, going out for dinner.

What's your favourite movie?

Die Hard Series, Indiana Jones series, Starwars series, Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Abyss - need I say more? :)

Do you have a message for our readers?

I hope you all liked this interview and the special edition.. if you want to get in touch! Keep connected! See my last words article in this special issue of Hugi for more 'end words'. Cheers!