In Focus: Adok of Hugi

Dossier hacked by Magic of Nah-Kolor

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Search adok hugi.........

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Dossier number 25082007
Security level alpha, secure witness program
marked *TOP SECRET* (file includes interview)
Status: moved to secure location
Client information:

Real name: Claus-Dieter Volko
Scene handle: Adok
Birthdate: October 8th, 1983
Country: Austria
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Programming, Playing the Piano
Favourite demos: Iconoclast by ASD, Medium by Einklang, Fantasy World by Poison, Animal Attraction by ASD, The Popular Demo by FR.
Favourite diskmag: (not hugi): Imphobia
Favourite scene writers: The list keeps changing all the time and my current list will already be outdated at the time of publishing :-)

Loading interview..........:


Why did you agree to this interview?

I agreed to this interview because interviews are interesting opportunities to sharpen one's arguments when confronted with new questions.

Do you swear to tell the truth, and only the truth so help you god?

Hehe, we're not at court! :-)

Ok then, Adok, please introduce yourself to the readers..

I don't think this is necessary as the older interview with me and the Adok vs Magic article will be published as well. Information about me can be extracted from these two texts.

Adok questioned on demoscene topics

What do you think of What are its dangers and negative poins and what are its positive points? is an open forum for the demoscene. It serves its purpose. The bad thing is that it can easily be abused: threads are often spammed with annoying images and postings. However, it's good that new releases can be downloaded from and thus searching is no longer required.

what do you know about Zine and its announced return to the demoscene?

Zine was an old Amiga diskmag which was released from 1989 - 1991. Now, after 16 years, Zine #12 will be released for PC. The headlines trailer is promising, the staff seems to have done some brainstorming regarding the contents. Good topics is the most important basis for making a good diskmag.

What is your first impression/opinion about Zine#12 now it's released?

has good contents and an engine that does its job well. A couple of small things about the engine I disliked, but it's good all in all. I enjoyed reading the interview with KB and the Lifeforce development journal.

The Pain diskmag was a real competitor in the past for Hugi. Tell us something you remember about Pain as competitor. A nice anecdote so to speak.

Competition was friendly. Pain always used to post news about upcoming Hugi issues inside their news corner.

You surely must have noticed the rise of on the demoscene. It's becoming more and more a big part of the demoscene. What do you think of Bitfellas?

I don't use Bitfellas so often. It is mainly a forum like Pouet's "oldskool BBS". The people active there can also be found at Pouet. In another section of the Bitfellas website, which is called Scene City, articles from diskmags are published. This is like what and, before it, Scenet did. So it's not a new concept.

What are the last two demoscene parties you have visisted and what will be the first one you will visit and why?

The last two demoparties I visited were Breakpoint 2005 and tUM 2005. Next one - I don't know yet. I wanted to visit Breakpoint 2007 but I was ill at that time and so I couldn't.

Why dont you know yet ?

Because I haven't made any plans yet. Perhaps I'll go to Breakpoint 2008.

What is your opinion about the assembly 2007 demos Lifeforce and media error?

Lifeforce is one great demo, with effects being well combined and excellent transitions. Media error doesn't work on my PC.

Adok interrogated about Hugi

Talking about Hugi, please tell us about the very early days. Where did the name Hugi come from, how did it all start for you?

The name Hugi originally was a short form of Hugendubelexpress. The name was chosen by the initiator of the diskmag project, Kaktus. I came to this project after getting a snailmail letter from Kaktus in which he wrote that he was in need of an interface for this diskmag, so I coded one and was promptly made second main editor.

Why do you think a magazine filled with old interviews is interesting for the demoscene?

Hugi Special Edition #3 - Interview Bonanza serves as an archive. Having all interviews in one issue makes full-text searching possible.

How would the next generation Hugi engine look like for your realistically?

A next generation Hugi engine would be in 3D, simulating the behaviour of paper. You would be able to turn, fold and even scrunch pages.

Should we make this a reality by finding a coder for it?

It wouldn't really be an improvement. The Hugi engine is already very sophisticated and good the way it is.

Hugi isn't really popular with a small group of sceners. How do you think Hugi got a bad image? How can you change this?

Some people prefer Pain to Hugi. That's like in real life where somebody prefers magazine A and someone else prefers magazine B.

What do you think of Magic and his role in Hugi especially the last 2 years?

You have been a great help in organizing stuff like gfx and music for Hugi, thanx!


Discribe a normal day in your life anno domini 2007..

My days are quite flexible at the moment. It mainly depends on whether I have lectures on the day or not.

Some sceners out there made quite horrible photoshopped photo's of you. For example pornographic and a photo with hitler. Please comment on this.

Famous people get photoshopped. You have to live with this. :-)

I will but didn't it make you angry?

No, it didn't make me angry. On the contrary, I'm happy about being portrayed.

What is your life motto?

I don't have one.

If you should pick one what would fit you best?

Maybe "per aspera ad astra".

What does this mean for you?

With hard work, you can attain everything.

What and how exactly did it happen you end up in hospital earlier this year and how will you prevent this for the future?

I don't want to talk about this.

Why not? Why dont you wanna shine a light on this topic?

It's too personal.


How do you see the future of Hugi? Will it still have a place in your life in let's say five years from now?

Hugi will always have a place in my life, as long as I'm willing to make it.

Anything you want to tell the sceners present at the Riverwashparty where this special issue is released?

Enjoy the party, and if you would like to write one or several articles for Hugi - you're welcome!

Please take this opportunity for some last words and greetings!!

Greetings to everybody at Riverwash party and to every reader of Hugi! Contribute to Hugi!

Magic / Nah-kolor