Muffler: from Amiga musician to top DJ/Producer

written by Magic, photos by Muffler

Hugi goes one on one with musician Muffler who found his way from composing demoscene music to producing music and performing all around the world.


The originally Finnish musician Muffler is the younger brother of the Amiga musician Heatbeat. Muffler is known for many great tracks in Amiga productions by, among others, Haujobb, Scoopex, Dual Crew Shining and Nah-Kolor in the period 1996 - 2000. Anno domini 2010 he has left his marks as DJ with a focus on drum 'n bass music. He is running a record label, has released three CD albums and has been featured on various CD compilations. Next to this, Muffler is performing all over

the world. From London to the USA to the Czech Republic: Muffler has seen it all. But where was he born, for what reasons did he enter and leave the demoscene and what is his most important Amiga release according to him himself?

Muffler comments: "I was born in Kajaani, a small city in the middle of Finland. I got into the demoscene because my brother and a lot of his friends were part of it and I found it interesting myself, too. One of the better known Amiga demos with my music in it is 'My Kingdom' by Haujobb & Scoopex from 1997. I never really left the demoscene, I just went to focus more on doing music for vinyl and CDs and DJing."

Muffler told me that he is living in Helsinki with his girlfriend and his two dogs at the moment but he was living in London and Tallinn, Estonia, too for a couple of years. Obviously Heatbeat played a a role for Muffler in learning to compose music. But how big exactly was his role? Muffler says: "My brother was probably the biggest inspiration for me when I was starting to make music, he had already been doing it for a few years and after seeing him do it, I found it interesting too. This was in Kajaani, Finland back in 1991. He was also the first and pretty much only person to teach me some very basics of music theory."

DJ Muffler - Around the World

From composing modules on the Amiga, anno domini 2010, Muffler has become a professional producer and as a DJ, he is performing all around the world. How did this process take place and did his demoscene background help him to become the DJ and producer he is today? "I started DJing because for me it was

and still is more live and interesting than doing one-man live shows with a laptop. There's quite a lot you can do with two turntables / CDJs, and even after 10 years of doing it I still love it. Producing music I started back in 1991, first music for demoscene productions and then CDs and vinyls", Muffler explains and continues: "I don't think there's much connection between my DJ work and the demoscene, the demoscene did give me a good platform for learning to make music though." So what music has Muffler made and/or produced in his DJ career so far? Muffler tells us: "Most of it is drum 'n bass, I'm doing a bit of dubstep too and some experimental stuff. Drum 'n Bass is still a very interesting form of music for me, no other electronic music really has that kind of energy to rock the dancefloors. There's also a lot of great deep listening stuff."

Muffler is making a living out of his music or more specificly drum 'n bass music. I asked Muffler what music exactly means for him and if he could describe what kind of music drum 'n bass exactly is. "Music is everything. Drum 'n Bass is an electronic music style with breakbeats and basslines that is going in about 160-180 bpm tempo with influences from all other styles of music in it", Muffler comments. Some of our readers probabaly remember some of Muffler's Amiga tracks. Which track he made as a DJ has become legendary in the dance scene? Muffler tells me: "One that quite a few know is a track called The Iron Tune, a big dancefloor tune." Muffler composed and created many tracks for demos and intros in the 90s. But what is the difference in making demo scene music in contrast to the music he is making and performing with today? Muffler: "I produce music much more from a DJ's point of view at the moment, stuff I can

play out in my sets. Someone might find it limiting, I used to do the same, but after starting DJing, I personally found it challenging and interesting. Making demoscene music is a bit similar to making music for a movie, so these two are pretty different in that way, you can hear some dance tracks used in demos too, but I never really thought about dancefloor when doing music for demos."

Muffler has his focus on drum & bass music, but why? Would he perhaps explore other musical territories in the future also? What are his plans as a DJ/Producer? Muffler gives his thoughts on these topics. "I think in the future genres are disappearing, the younger generations just want to listen to good music, they don't care if it's drum 'n bass, house or dubstep... I still think that drum 'n bass is the most interesting form of dance music for myself though."

Muffler and today's demoscene

So the eneverable question, in a busy life with performing and composing/producing music is if Muffler still watches some new demos from time to time. Does he still have an eye out on today's productions? Muffler comments: "Not really, I've been checking some old Amiga demos from Youtube though! I need to check some of the newer ones."

One thing I remember reading on the internet is that Muffler performed as a DJ a couple of years ago at Assembly 2007. The party where LifeForce by Andromeda Software Developement won the demo competition. How did Muffler experience this demoscene party? Did he also watch the demo competition there? What does he remember from Assembly 2007? Muffler comments: "It was good, I really enjoyed playing there. Unfortunately I missed the demo compo, i didn't have too much time to spend there, because I had ANother gig to play the same night, so I had to leave pretty soon after I finished playing."

Muffler has been around for quite some time now on the demoscene. Active or not, Hugi asked him What 5 things come to his mind first when he thinks about the demoscene? Muffler: "Cool people, lots of talent, art, competition and playground."


So before we depart this exclusive meeting with DJ Muffler it's time to find out how 'big' he became in today's dance/drum 'n bass scene. As known as he was on the demoscene for example? Muffler gives a modest answer: "That's up to other people to say, but it's been pretty busy the last few years with gigs and music."

So, what do you remember from your time on the demoscene? Anything to declare before leaving us? Muffler: "I remember the whole time as a good and interesting experience, it was great to get to know new cool people who were sharing a common interest and creating unique type of digital art. I'm still in contact with a few demoscene heads, with Facebook times it's easier now too! I'm there as DJ Muffler or myspace, send me a message if someone who remembers me is reading this :P"

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