Interview with Lex99

By Trente Trois (33)

<Lex99> Hey : - )

<_33> How are you?

<Lex99> hey.. been good.. and u?

<_33> I'm fine. okay. If you want we can start right now. And by the way I am truely glad that we have got in contact so fast. I'll start with my first question: When did you get the idea of putting music on the internet? I know you have started your artistry works on your own.

<Lex99> We first started out as more of a collective and less of a netlabel back in 2000, and as time progressed we began adding new members and began releasing a few hybrid genres of electronic.

<_33> So was it called Lacedmilk Technologies then?

<Lex99> Yes..

<_33> Lacedmilk Technologies reminds me a lot of Electronica in it's purest form. Was there any influence from other netlabels?

<Lex99> Its a bit difficult to speak for everyone else on the netlabel, since I think influences have come from a range of directions, but as for myself I could say that I've been influenced by a few of the netlabels that i've released on such as: Camomille, Binkcrsh, Illmatilk Vibes, and Nishi.

<_33> So, would you say that LCD (Lacedmilk Technologies) is aiming more at delivering quality music than focusing on a specific style?

<Lex99> Absolutely ... We're completely open to new breeds of styles, and are not discriminative of style but yes we do aim to release a certain quality.

<_33> Now I have understood that LCD have undergone some live performance schedulings. Can you explain how that goes on and if so what sort of live performance are we talking about?

<Lex99> Our live performances so far have been only on a local basis; however, we do plan to schedule some shows out of state and possibly out of country someday soon also. Our live performances are mainly laptop-based with minimal amounts electr. gadgetries. Our shows are often also accompanied by a VJ who provides some eye candy alongside to our laptop sets.

<_33> Will LCD have these live performances downloadable?

<Lex99> So far we only have one Line noise set(July 2003) & Oddioblender (Dec 2003) ... We are planning to bring out a digital recorder(akai dps) in our next shows, capture it, and put it up on our site in mp3.

<_33> What would you consider the next phase for netlabels for the next comming years?

<Lex99> I believe that as more portable mp3 music devices, internet radios, and other technologies that make music on the web more available to the masses, then the possibility for distribution in this fashion will be able to reach a larger audience. Other possibilities for netlabels would be to serve a multi-function, as to be a regular netlabel as well as a vynil/cd label and beyond.

<_33> So LCD will someday distribute it's media on physical outlets?

<Lex99> Yes, that is in our future plans. We have been talking to a Japanese distributor in Tokyo(Wakyo), and they have expressed some interest in possibly releasing/distributing some of our future albums.

<_33> Well that's some great insight for us. It would totally rock to have an Uzo CD in my hands right now. I have noticed that LCD's artists are of many sources, could you explain how you come to meet these great artists?

<Lex99> Most members have found us actually(via the web), with the exception of a few who local artist/friends who have joined us also. We enjoy very much being able to represent and promote a load of great artists from around the globe, as good music has no geographical boundaries.

<_33> You have talked earlier about VJ works, are they using some special software to perform some special video effects? What is it about?

<Lex99> Most of the live visuals are done by our friends at: ... I believe they use a software called Arkaos w/a plethora of custom made visual elements which they appropriate for each artist's set.

<_33> I see, so it's really about profesionnal VJ software and artistry. How does the crowd react to these types of elements? What are their comments?

<Lex99> I think visual stimuli can play an important part in keeping the audience more entertained as just watching a person behind a laptop can be kind of boring. Everyone so far that I've asked has said that they've enjoyed the visuals to live sets.

<_33> With the availabiliy of high speed internet and the better video compression methods such as DIVX, would you consider it as favorable for videos of live performances in near furture, and why not a video montage?

<Lex99> Sounds like a great idea. - Would be nice to have a video guy/crew..

<_33> Well that's good to know LCD is open for new ideas. Anything else you would like to point out for us before we conclude this interview?

<Lex99> We are always looking for fresh new talent/members to join us, so send us your tracks submissions. Also a thanks to everyone who has supported netlabels.

<_33> definately, thank you Lex99 for getting us to know a little more about Lacedmilk Technologies! As you might understand, it is not easy for most of us to get to know the better part of the netlabels, and this sort of interview is really IMHO a great help for most interested.

<Lex99> Cool, thanks Jack : - 0

Trente Trois