Interview with Lazur/Suspend


This interview was first published in the Polish diskmag Budyn #3, in Polish language. The translation has been abridged.

Currently you are the best graphic artist in the Polish scene. You are known all over the scene's world, but a lot of sceners know nothing about you. I think that the majority of our readers would like to hear more about you.

My name is Tomasz Pietek, I live in Swiebodzice (Poland), I was born in 1977. Apart from computer graphics my hobby is cycling. I cycle back and forth around Swiebodzice :).

Let's start by the standard question: what were your beginnings in the scene?

Oh, it was a long time ago. It was the year 1993, from time to time I used to read C&A (a Polish paper magazine concerning Amiga and Commodore - Ural) and zines on my Amiga 500 where there were articles concerning the scene, coders, musicians and graphicians. Because I was pixeling myself it really interested me. And in 93 there was a scene party near my town. It wasn't a big one, there were maybe 20 people, but it was the first place where I could show my works to sceners.

And to shift ground: there was a pal at this party who reportedly knew Musashi (a well known coder from Amiga) personally. He was a real star at this party. Afterwards I became member of his group. But one of the founders had an accident while watching an "adult" movie (with two other members of the

group). He damaged, let's say, his little friend. There was an ambulance and it was a local sensation (it reminds me of the movie "There's something about Mary - Ural). After this event the group broke up.

In spring 94 I went to my first real party where I presented my first pictures in 256 colors. Then there was Intel Outside, another party, years have passed, new pictures... That is how it all began...

So what is your current attitude to the scene?

I would say: indifferent.

For many years you have been the best Polish graphician. What is still holding you in the scene? Is there anything more you want to accomplish?

Now it is a place where I can show my works. I don't care about popularity and honours :). At this moment I create only for my satisfaction. In the years 94-95 I was only thinking about fame and recognition of my achievements. That is why I wasn't creating my own works but copies and I must admit it is a really boring occupation... But sceners prefered my pictures which were copies.

Copying is a way to become famous - for instance it is the path that Made, Fame, and so on followed... It is hard to say that I am in the demoscene... I would rather say that I'm coming here from time to time and I leave here my pictures as footprints. And do I want to accomplish anything more? Well, I would like to win Tour de France or Giro ;).

Your graphic released at Gravity was just second, but after the party it was recognized as the best. Why did you decide to make a picture in 800x600? Where do you find motivation for such a detailed work?

I just like it :). It is my hobby. As I have already said I make pictures for myself, for my own satisfaction, for pleasure, so it is not of a matter for me if I draw five graphics or just one. You're right that "Mimesis" is a picture with a lot of details but only in comparison to scene art. If you compare it to paintings dated XVII-XIX my picture is poor in details. "Mimesis" doesn't show that I am persistent, this picture shows that other graphicans are not ;). A higher resolution gives me the possibility to make something more detailed, even if I have to work harder.

Where do you find inspiration?

Maybe it is hard to believe but from my empty head.

What is your drawing technique? How do you manage to gain such good effects in drawing, for example, hair? Do you have a specific recipe?

I start my drawing in Deluxe Paint. I must admit that I am weak at doing sketches, so it sometimes takes more time to do that then the remaining part of work. Finishing my sketch I am usually fucked up and touslet. After recovering I start to fill my sketch with colours and I prepare masks in Photoshop. Then my work is not representing any danger to my mop - it is now a long process of drawing details. I begin by big sprays and I finish by using a pencil.

The same goes for hair. At the beginning they are a bronze spot, later they become a spot with more detailed shading and in the end they are a colorful spot with darker and brighter lines :). Hair is the effect of this work.

Thanks for the interview!

You are welcome.