How Macno's life has changed

Macno / Abnormalia

Macno was the main editor of Abormalia, a legendary poetry scenezine for the Amiga. Nowadays he's running his own ISP. When asked to tell us how his life changed, he decided to answer with a poem:

Time passes.

Things change.

People breath older.


SO What?

You already know that.

I tremble, trying to remember.

Somehow winter is cold, even inside.

Some years ago, 10 or so,

I was playing the scene writer,

call it an international multiplay role game,

a community of people sharing the same interest,

an extravant computer activity,

call it scene, as we used to call,

that still exists and is played by today's sceners.

Enjoying the feeling of fingers ticking fast on the Amiga keyboard,

the affinity with computers,

driven by seek of egostimulation, and joy of building flows of words.

Always funny scene, with nicks, passions and computers.

Amigas, C64s, PCs, BeOS. Computers.

That's it.

Invasion is almost complete.

Best defence is skill, the knowledge to control them.

We work with computers.

"They are going to invade our world!" - Somewhere, somewhen in the 80s.

They colonized our world of daily existence.


"The Internet? The Internet! The Internet :-O" - Everywhere, in the 90s

Artificial evolution,

what can manage to duplicate and spread, conquering new eco-human-systems,

what best fit moderm human necessities

has more possibilities of growing and evolving.

So, obviously the Internet. Evolved.

My obvious evolution, as scener and computer user.

Now scene is mostly a warm memory for me,

some demos watched on a PC,

some websites visited and not read,

pathetic google queries for traces of macno strings in network pages.

Now my soul seems not able to write for the joy of writing,

lost the habit, lost the touch.

Different languages are mostly spoken by my fingers these years,

they shell around, vi their troubles, telnet around, shutdown.

And web around.

Obvious occupation,

for a computer addict.

Macno / Abnormalia