Amgorb's interview.


Amgorb is a musician from the Russian demo-group t-rex, which is "maybe most known and productive demo-group in xUSSR".

Please tell a couple words about you - where are you from etc. :))

I live in Troitsk, Moscow region. I have known the scene already or maybe only :) since 1997...

How did you get here (I mean the scene, t-rex)? How have you learned about it?

I know it... maybe from the first mods of interia player, I heard them and decided to write something myself. Somewhere I found st3 and started to build up my experience ;)

What tools do you use today?

I'm not far from those days - my main tool is still st3, plus sometimes cool edit pro/orangator and some soft synth. I don't have any hardware synth.

What about modern synths/trackers like Buzz?

I respect Buzz but don't use it... at the moment 8)

What music do you like to listen - live/tracker?

Tracker - Tangerine, stereoman, catspaw, someone else. ;) Live - I listen to all kinds of music - from Vangelis, Growling Mad Scientits till Buruzm & Imortal & Marduk ;]

Ok. What can you tell about your music style?

Hm... people often tell that my style is well recognizable but I always try to make unique songs.

Do you what to earn on your music?

Nobody advised me that, and I think it will just remain a hobby ;)

And what are your hobbies except tracking?

Unix/programming... but it's probably already not a hobby... now it's almost work... but I have to study it a lot...

(Wow!) Do you work or do you study?


Your favorite demo-group, musician, pixel-artist?... game demo? :)

Demo groups - Wildlight, tpolm, Exceed. Game - solace MUD ;] OS - NetBSD !!!! "] I have many favorite demos, I can't remember all of them...

Not long ago your group released new demo - "sinum". I always wonder - do you write the music based on the demo or the other way round?

Usually we discuss together, then I write some patterns - them we work in parallel, looking for intermediate patterns... but with sinum it was different, I wrote the music alone ;)

Is it often with you that you can't write any good song?

Sometimes true, maybe like all others. ;) Sometimes I think - "why I should write anything - nobody will listen to this".. but then it all passes... I'm impulsive and don't spend much time with anything, except composing - it's for long (maybe forever ;)).

Do you play any instrument?

No... but I want!

What do you think about the xUSSR demoscene? What's happening with it?

It's a frequently asked question but - "we have to work!". The demoscene is sleeping now and it's producing very few good things ;( (I'm talking about demos, art and music.) Unfortunately we do not have a stream, but solitary productions.. though it may be good...

I think that's all. Any advises? :))

Maybe that all shall get the result they want *smile*

Thank you for interview...

Cya togda ;]

If you don't know Amgorb's or t-rex's releases: you can find them at

Amgorb & elmm