Artcore 2 - Made of Bomb in Focus


For a while now he has been the new number one graphician in the Amiga scene. And he is a huge star in the PC scene as well: Made of Bomb, in real life known as Carlos Pardo, born on January 24th 1977 in Argentina. As Made says, he is "working for an advertising company, doing some design and web stuff nowdays". In this interview he will tell us about his new slideshow project, his view on other graphicians, and finally he will shine a light on how he sees his future in the demo scene... Enjoy!

Magic: What do you think of the Amiga scene anno domini 1999?

Made: I don't think the Amiga scene is maturing so fast... Year by year I have seen Amiga demogroups leaving, and the improvement can't be so spectacular on a computer like a 680xx based Amiga compared to a Pentium with hardware, 3d acceleration based engines. That's why I think, Amiga is showing its limits, no artistic limitations, but hardware ones... That's one reason why Bomb doesn't plan anything anymore on Amiga, except for the Artcore 2 slideshow.

Magic: Artcore 2 is an ambitious project for sure... Can you tell us more about this project?

Made: It's a big project, with a lot of people involved. On the PC side expect some surprising stuff. We really want to improve, technically and visually. That's why we are going to do some cooperations with other French groups and add fresh people to BOMB on PC. I started Artcore 2 as a project a few months ago, asking lots of graphicians to participate with non-released graphics. The trip is to show people, what's art on a computer, what's bitmap work, and who we are! On Amiga the coding will be done by Antibyte (hello), on PC coding by Skal and Excstay (BOMB & NOMAD), music is done by Traven, Lluvia, and Djam for the time being...

Magic: Who will be the graphicians involved in Artcore 2?

Made: The guest-graphicians are: Lazur, Destop, Danny, Gelmir, Frost, Jamon, Titan, Mr. Spliff and Niko...

Magic: Could you please give your opinion on the following graphicians: Lazur, Danny, Fame and Destop? Maybe you can add a few more you want to mention yourself...

Made: Lazur: Definitely one of the most patient and precise graphicians in the demoscene. I really love his sweet palettes and his landscapes. He really set new standards in the definition of high-resolution on Amiga. The only thing I hate in his work is his way he paints people or faces. It's not the same level as the rest.

Danny: I love this guy, but there is not very much of his work around, not an 'interesting' graphician. He improved in the "how to seduce party people" style... Painting the most impressive collection of nude babes, boobs and vicious faces *smile*.

Fame: Nice guy too. A rude way to dither. With lots of pixels and a really hard shading, but a real way to express the force in his colors and choice of scenes. Interesting work!

Destop: A guy who amazed me by his ideas. Not really technician, but a psychedelic painter. He has one of the best palettes choices I think. I guess he has been really influenced by RA's work, but... who hasn't? He is an awsome man with good ideas.

Ra: The most interesting painter in the demoscene. A real digital artist who inspired most of the actual graphicians, the father of a style, his style.

Uno: Another oldschool guy. One of the first graphician to introduce sharp antialias and kick-ass shading, which was rare stuff in the beginning of the 90's...

In my chat with Made, I was intrigued by this young man's awareness of his life at this particular point in time. After dominating the scene with a lot of pictures, you could say he should be 'burned out' by now. But that's far from the truth: "I never wanted to dominate anything, I'm just too busy with life things. Childhood is the past, I have to work, my passion can take most of my time now, but my motivation is the same as the first day so expect some work from me for a long time to come." And he concludes: "Greetings to the all passionated people who share and improve with the scene and have given us a lot of enjoyment day by day for years, for years to come..."