Fast Interview with Unreal of CNCD


Unreal is a veteran coder (27 years old) very known in the demo scene. He has been in groups like Crystal, Virtual Dreams, Paranoimia, Pulse, and S!P.

What is your favourite drink?

From alcoholic drinks I guess I only like these sweet drinks like pina-colada or malibu (also called girl-drinks, grin).

What is your favourite meal?

No more junkfood so I'd say... BIGOS! (polska kingzz!)

What's is your favourite company animal?

Sami Petteri Vaarala (smile).

Tell me one bad habit you have.

I always think short term.

How could you code "Sunflower" when you were at IRC the whole day?

I just worked efficiently in non-IRC time (smile).

What was your last piece of madness?

The world is the last piece of my madness. The life I've created filling it with insanity and rage.

What mistake would you never forgive?

If a girl did something bad to my Lumber Jack.

What do you think about overclocking?

My heart my soul my powers are overclocked.

What have you coded that you wouldn't code again?

Subatomic metaplasma simulator?

Tell me what do you think that is the best book ever.

It is yet to be written: "magnificent life of the powerful Unreal" in 17 parts.

What do you wear for sleeping?

2m high rubberduck model, then I jump into my private lake.

Tell me the best place for holidays.

It's between a girl's legs I believe.

Do you know what "un Baranto" is? (Try to guess.)

un real
[Hugi note: Actually "un barato es una polla de espanto".]

Tell me your favourite coder, demo, and group.

Silver Eagle, Extension, Pygmy Projects.

Aren't you jealous of Statix?

Jealousy sucks. I'm most impressed and respectful.

What is your most repeated dream?

I dream about debugging my shit, so sometimes I get into loops.

When did you cry last time?

A minute ago watching Ally McBeal -> laughing.

If you are unreal how can you answer this interview?

I use both hands. It works this way.

What is the question you wouldn't like anybody to ask you?

When will you finally stop talking crap?

- Sarwaz/MRY