Spontaneous Interview with Petro Tyschtschenko

Ghandy & Chavez

Easter 1999: At the evening of the third day of the Mekka and Symposium party suddenly the managing director of Amiga International, Petro Tyschtschenko, entered the stage, took the microphone and sent greetings to the Amiga fans around. Let's better say to the few fans left at the party, as their number is becoming smaller and smaller every year - but that's another story.

After leaving the stage Petro was speaking to Steeler and some other guys near the entrance. Chavez, being a little drunk, had the spontaneous idea to ask Tyschtschenko if he would agree to be interviewed. We both wanted to make his life a bit harder by asking him some uncomfortable questions about the more than unsure future of the Amiga, about the faults that were made in the past, etc. So read on what this real friendly man told us.

Hello and welcome to an interview for the Amiga diskmag "Jurassic Pack". Hey, greetings to you... how did you get here?

Hello and happy easter to you. I came here by car because I had to transport all the presents for the AMIGA scene.

Aren't you being missed at home?

Mhhh... yes, but I'm often on tour for my beloved AMIGA. Thank Goodness, all members of my family have great understanding when it comes to this.

At the moment a lot is going on... Phase5, Haage & Partner, Escena etc. What will the future be like, in your opinion? Who will dominate the market? (Also concerning projects like "Kosh", etc.)

All AMIGA fans are welcome. They will all make their way but I think there should only be one direction where we all should go. Only united we are strong, separation only causes damages at the moment.

How come you are so committed? Is that more a personal or business oriented engagement?

That commitment is of a purely personal nature. I like to fight for an idea, that's the only way to succeed against my American friends. I have nothing to lose.

At the moment I see the danger of separation of the already small Amiga family. Commitment that goes in the right direction can't be wrong. But in Poland, for instance, the Amiga plays a more important role, especially when it comes to the demoscene.

Segregation? No. Kosh? I've just had a great meeting with J.H. Haage and Dietrich. We agreed that Phase5 will do the new G3 board and Haage & Partner on the other side will develop the 68000 emulator... so you see there is harmony between us!

Haage & Partner will soon develop OS 3.5, unless they are already doing so. This is all very good but nothing visible to the public has happened for quite a long time. Isn't it already a bit too late? Many Amiga fans have already switched to other platforms because their Amiga was too old, for example to PCs.

This is quite correct and sad but the hard core will be preserved for the existing platform. And the people that have left for PC will come back with flying colours as soon as we will have started fighting against the monopoly! Just wait and see.

We will do so... We Amiga fans are quite used to waiting for something. Mhhh. What will your strategy be like? What will the marketing look like, how do you want to get market shares back?

I too am accustomed to waiting for things. After all, Gateway did next to nothing during the past two years. They needed the time to explore the Amiga. Now they have finally understood it. Money is one strategy we will need to regain the market. And Gateway will invest that money. Secondly we need the management. And I think Jim Collas is the right person to bring back the Amiga to where it should have been for a long time, that is back to the top. Gateway are masters in marketing affairs.

Lately Gateway has reacted and exchanged some leading persons, also to incrase the transparency of the company. I've asked myself why a company that produces PCs is interested in supporting a competing computer platform.

Our operating system is the key. Gateway has now realized that and is going to take off.

In how far do you plan to continue to support the so-called "Classic Amigas"?

As long as I have something to say, always... and that will hopefully last for a long time.

What do you think about organising an "Amiga only" exhibition in autumn instead of the Computer '99 in Cologne?

Nothing. We simply need the other people in order to show them how good and unbeatable we are with a technology that hasn't had any novelty since 1991. I've already engaged myself for Cologne and I promise you that it will be a superb exhibition.

Thanks a lot for this conversation and thanks to Amiga International for sponsoring our party last year (Cologne Conference '98). A last question: What are your wishes for the future, regarding your private life, your professional work, and the Amiga?

Our Amiga should finally get to the place where it ought to be. That's my most important target. Private: Health, so that I can continue to fight for my beloved Amiga for a long time. And in the professional sense I wish for a product, a new one, something revolutionary with a thousand millions sales like we had in 1985 ... and that satisfies all users.

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