Interview with Magic / Nah-kolor


Introduce yourself to the readers, tell us where you are from and describe your surroundings, tell about your life history... the usual things at the start of an interview in Hugi. :)

I am Magic of Nah-kolor from Holland, 23 years young (since 3 weeks :). I am sitting in the room I founded my group Nah-kolor, which is hitting the PC platform as we speak as well... I studied Management, Economics and Law and am working now... I wrote a lot since 1992, like Adok published in previous issues of Hugi...

Regarding Holland, I have never been there but I guess it is below sea-level. Aren't you afraid that the sea will slop over and cover your computer with water?

(*) RealTime Laughing (*) Yes, in fact I live 10 minutes away from the beach (imagine all the honeys), but our government has a great policy and great infrastructure so we almost never have floods.. Isn't that what holland is famous for? Dicks, Water, Tulips, Cheese? :))

I often see pictures in which pretty blond girls from Holland in wooden shoes make the rendering of their houses.

Only Danny paints them... Since I don't see much gfx these days I can't really coment any further on that...

I also imagine that the schools in Holland are very romantic. :)

Only the high schools and the universities.

I see, you don't want to present your home country any more to us. :) Let's start with computers! When did you get into contact with a computer for the first time?

Ah... In 1979 I played around with a PING-PONG console connected to TV... (You know, 2 bats and one ball. :)) After my brother had bought ZX81 and c64 on c64 I joined a nice group called EXOTIC... I supplied some games to crack like BATMAN, Flimbo's Quest, Rainbow islands.. Later we produced some nice intros when turning to Amiga. The first Amiga times were just playing games and watching demos, until I started visiting scene parties, from there on my road was set like a destiny. ;) Xentrix, Cyanide, Applause, Mirage, Trsi and later one of the leading Amiga groups of the second half of the 90's - NAH-KOLOR.

How did NAH-KOLOR develop?

Take a look at the article "Nah-kolor HIStory books" in Hugi #13. It is too much to say all this in an interview.

What are your plans for the future? Do you want to stay in the Amiga scene, do you also want to join the PC scene...?

The future is like a black hole, your ambitions are there, but time is less than I was a youngster... Since two years I have only written and given to editors, and not doing any magazine myself... I have a peecee also. :) But now that Nah-kolor is also producing on the pc platform it might help to explore the PC scene... :)

How long have you been active on the PC?

All my life... My father had one, at school they had a lot... You can't go around the PC hype in real life... (Bill Gates makes sure of that. :)

I understand that now that you have a job, you have very limited time for the scene. It is cool that you are active in the scene nevertheless.

Scene is a hobby now... Life without a hobby is boring... So I like it... But when the time comes that Nah-kolor dies, I don't know if I will be still writing, maybe only looking how the Amiga scene developes? Time will tell... FIGHT THE FUTURE. :)

What do you think about the future of the Amiga scene?

That's a hard question... On the one hand it is logical to think, it will get smaller, on the other hand I am surprised every time when new people have their breaktroughs... Curious thing also is that POLAND makes as much demos, gfx, modules as the entire rest of the European scene... (Maybe the quality is a bit lower, but still...) As for now the Amiga Scene is kicking, and I like it...

So, new people are still joining the Amiga scene?

In Poland really a lot, in other countries in Europe not that much, but for example a lot of new writers made their debut on Amiga, that's a good thing...

Can you compare the PC and the Amiga scene?

Don't know, haven't seen much on peecee... However, a comparision is easy to make... Groups like TBL, Melon, CNCD started on Amiga... Most members of PULSE started on Amiga (except the coder UNREAL :). Lazur and Fame and Danny first were in NAh-kolor before they went to Pulse on Amiga... So based on these example.. Yes you might make a comparision. :)

What do the Amiga sceners think of the PC scene?

Mostly they think negatively about it, except the gfx'ers. :)

What do you think about diskmags?

They're great! Although after the Internet hype a bit not nessecary... However, sceners need them... And can't live without them...

What role do diskmags play in the scene and what role should they play in your opinion?

In my opinion diskmags should play an informational role only... No gossip, no mud-throwing. Problem is there are always hypocritical main eds who don't play according to my rulez. :)

Hehe. :) How active is the diskmag scene on Amiga, actually? Are there a lot writers, and are they famous?

About 15 active writers... And yeah, they are in most charts around... Most have already been involved since years, but recently 3-4 new ones popped up out of nowhere...

Cool! On the PC, there are not that many popular writers. What do you think about the Amiga/PC mags at the moment?

Great! Btw, have you noticed that since the coming of Internet, more modules are used in magz (atleast on Amiga)?

On PC it's actually not in that way. On the contrary, new mags like Hugi or Pain usually have only 1-2 tunes per issue whereas e.g. Imphobia had more.

On Amiga magz have 3, mostly 4 mods. :)

What was your best scene moment?

Generally my best moments in scene were during 1989 and 1995... Though in 1995 a new era awoke when I founded Nah-kolor... Until the end of 1996 this was really cool... After that it all became a bit 'transparent' but still nice as a hobby... Scene rulez! Fight the future!

Do you have an advice for the readers?

If you mean scene advice... Sure... Make sure you have fun with your scenish(tm) period in your life, but dont neglect REAL life, or one day you find out you're just another worker in your country. :) (Can I send some regards now(?) :)

Yes, you can send some regards. Just say what you would like to!

Ok, well, special regards to Inc, Hate, Visual, Fame, Ooze, Orbital, Haze and the rest of Nah-kolor PC I can remember... BUZKA! And good luck competing at The Party 1998 (!). Note to Orbital, nice time we had on IRC... Hope u liked the support I dcc'ed ya... All the rest greetings to my old mate DANNY, sorry Tomb Raider 3 is already out on Playstation. :( A Wiseman once said 'PC's are nice after all' and he was right... No Matter What People Tell You... (Quote taken from The Party'93, said by Graphician Facet)

Finally greetings to all the rest.... Don't forget to sign our guestbook at Bye! magic / nah-kolor signing off...

- adok^hugi