Interview with Surfing

Quartz / Officium

I'm so honoured you accepted to give me this interview. Well, let's go.

Thank you, I'm really pissed because the French won the world championship. :(( I'm a fan of the best football player ever: Roberto Baggio!!! Ehehe, oki, I cut it :)

Why and when did you join the scene?

I saw the scene in the c64 days... And I tried some Simon Basic (kicked) with my friend "NOT", the first REAL group I've joined was TCB (aka Techn[+]brainS), a really good Italian group active in the scene (demos, warezing and hacking), sadly the group was terminated by the repression of our lame forces (public order), and people (the founders and the sysops) were busted with the famous operation called "icetrap" in 1993. Then I stopped a little with Amiga (only some swaps with friends of amy and c64) and started makeing productions for some Amiga groups (gods, fairlight, qkp)... In middle 1996 I joined the PC scene ... blah blah blah. :))) ------ this is a warp ------ :) I joined TheScene because (once) I loved the friendship between scene people, my friend (now in team17) forced me to join... And I fuckin' looooove DEMOS and related stuff. :)

What changes did you see since then? And what did you like/dislike of those?

I think that I need about 20 pages for that thing, I'll be concise... It's normal that for a MAN the nostalgia factor is HUGE, anyways I don't like the current scene too much, once it was less "commercial", now the people release mainly only on the various parties, and there are no more the mighty "fucktros", everything seems to live in friendship... Anyways I think that some things ruined the scene itself, e.g. Internet: I'm a big fan of the mighty eye, but I loved the "elitism" that were with BBS, today everyone can make "scene". Today everyone claims to be "elite"... I think that the demo (and hacking, and cracking...) scene is 100x way easy with the big net, information is free for all... No Nua, no Nup, all free. In the oldies for calling a BBS we needed the CC's or other lame methods like blueboxing (in first 90's they were GLOBAL, but now are local and really slow), Internet is cool, but it ruined the old feeling of the scene. :(( Anyways I'm a freak of the net. :)) Ehehe.

Which groups had most influence in the whole scene history?

For me noone had more influence in the whole scene than the others, all groups made "thescene"... The good thing is that a single group can't make good or bad weather, you know there's always someone better... And anyway in the scene no group ever really dominated... Maybe just temporarily (like lately TBL on Amiga), but time goes by...

What's your favourite demo?

Maaaaaaany, sadly all for AMIGA. :) I love the design in some Amiga demos (spaceballs, kefrens, zerodefects, vd...), I'd even say that old Amiga (and obviously c64) demos are those I like the best... But now Amiga wants to follow PC, from what I saw lately (1996-98), demos are all boring 3d with great graphics and cool music, but no design at all, just 3d code... on Amiga with those stupid chunky to planars they are even worse... I hope in the future there'll be more big demos with a good design. :D (BTW I loved a PC intro 2 years ago, don't remember group or name, anyway there was a line-man dancing... cool. :) On PC I like Byterapers a lot. They're really cool in real life too, cool sceners, cool partymen and cool boozers, eheh.

Who is now the best scener?

Loooooooooootsa, anyways anyone is cool. :))

Which is the best group?

Triad, see the last demo - morfar demo II - (refugee) ... c64. It kicks ass, eheh, anyways lotsa cool groups are around, too many to name them.

Who is God?

A man who can handle hundreds of beers/drugs and can fuck the best pussies in the world, and also a mad party fucker... Literally GOD is an elite scener. :D

What do you do to heretics who don't adore?

What d'ya think of a non-ruling RamJam? I'm laaaameee, anyways I like christians and heretics, they're so funny. :)

What kinda acid do you use?

Drugs are cool!! I don't wanna say more... I like them all (all the kind), will see to some parties, anyways I think that alcohol is better (I've tried really all the drugs)... it keeps me UP, I like it ... alcohol + pussies rule!! And remember to drink and drive!!! BoozeScene ForEver!

How much training do you need every day to stay so cool?

Masturbating every day. Trying to fuck a day for a week. Telling bullshit to people like you. :) Scare IRC guys (check #thescene). Promise sea and mountains without doing a shit, paint my eyes, trying to make blowjobs on myself without scoring.....

Are you real or are you fake?

Only God knows, anyways.

Why is Amiga so superior to PC?

I said this? I think that PC will kicks ass when the demos will be more designed. :) I own a PC too and my group is on PC too. :)

Do you think diskmags are still necessary?

Yes of course! We made a lot of diskmags on Amiga.. I like them all. Good work, HUGI, keep the information cool!! I don't think the PC scene is so persuasive like the Amiga one, mags must make it cool, so anything you do will be felt by the whole scene... Mag is power. :)

What do you think will be the future of the scene?

R U L E Z ! WILL RULE 4EVER! For every one going commercial there comes another good one, as long as there's something.

Which is the next party you'll win?

Laming1998. If it's not you winning it'll be me. :)

What are your and RJ's future projects apart from the domination of the world?

Don't ask me, I hope we'll kick ass in the PC scene, we have great coders and all (and even more) graphicians and musicians back from Amiga... And we can even jump from Amiga, PC and Java sections. :) Hope it'll really be so. But u know, lotsa RJ members are ooold and busy with work, the rest is totally fucked up... no booze, no party. :)

Is there anyone you would like to greet? Any message to the whole scene?

ALL IN DAMONES (like a virgin!), TRSi (exp. Shade and ThePride), Fairlight (strider over all), and all the people I know... All #thescene guys (check ... Ehehe, no message. :) I'm always on IRC for that. :)

Why did you accept this interview (leaving narcisism apart)?

Perche' ti voglio bene, no? :)

[Interviewing surf was so fun I might do it again soon... Should you want to stop it before mail, but don't ask me to explain surfing's answers, we all have our limits...]

- Quartz/Officium