Interview with X-Ceed


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Hi... X-ceed. Introduce yourself in short words.

Hi...! My name is Wojciech Panufnik. I'm a 22-year-old musician. I live in Legionowo (it's such a small town near Warsaw). Apart from that, I am a student of "Wysza Szkoa Zarzdzania" (economy school) in Warsaw. It is a part-time study, so I additionally have to work for money. That is the reason why I don't have much time to do anything.

How long have you been at the scene?

Since the beginning of 1992.

You are a musician. Why did you choose this function?

To be honest, I did not choose that function. Hmmm... it is not like you think. It is not that I found the scene interesting and then I decided to do something for it. I have been interested in music since I was a kid and the scene was a very good opportunity to present my skills.

Your nick used to be "SNOOPY". Why did you change it?

There were some reasons for that. First, I never liked it (but it's only me I can blame, I made it up). Second, I had a short break in the scene from 1996 to 97. I was not attending parties, collecting demos, reading mags and so on. But I was making mods at that time. I bought a modem in 1997 and I decided to get back to my previous activity. There were a lot of changes during the break. I learned a great deal about tracking. I decided to get back with a brand new image. So, here I am!

What was your machine when you wrote your first mod?

Amiga 500 0.5MB ram

What comp do you have now?

It is Amiga1200, 030/28MhZ, 6mb RAM, modem 33.6, VGA monitor, so I can easily make multichannels on it. My music equipment is: Roland JV30 i Roland JV1080.

What was your biggest success in the scene?

I would say: first place at Rush Hours'98, multichannel compo, mod titled "Passion". I will put it in another words: the biggest success was composing that mod. It is really cool to get e-mails from all over the world, in which people write that I made an piece of amazing music.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Honestly, I do not at all, because I have no time for that. I can tell you what I like: goa psychodelic trans, acid house, minimal (sometimes), acid-jazz (eg. JamirqQuie), soul and some bands: Prodigy, Ramstain, Rage Against The Machine, Fugees, Beastie Boys, Metallica, Dire Straits, T-love, ONA and Edyta Bartosiewicz.

What do you do apart from being at the scene?

As I said before I study and work. I am on the third year of college and I am doing just fine. I have been working for Canal+ for a year and a half now.

How much time do you need to write a mod?

It depends... from one hour to few months. It happens that I just get to work and do the whole mod (like in case of "Passion"). But sometimes I begin and can not finish. In such cases I give up, because I know that there shall be a day that I will know how to finish it.

What do you think, is your talent trained or inherited?

I have been very keen on music every since I was a little kid. There were no musicians in my family (well unless Andrzej Panufnik is my family ;). I have been always in love with music, so I always wanted to make it. I think that everyone has to develop his possibilities.

What do you think about Polish musicians' skills?

Three musicians have my respect: XTD, Revisq and FML. But honestly I would rather not to answer this question. There were a lot of changes in the musicians' scene when I was off.

Who is your favorite musician?

Poland: XTD and Revisq. West scene: Muffler, and from among those who have left the scene: Lizardking, Moby, Heatbeat and Dr. Cloo.

Is writing music just a hobby for you, or maybe something more?

It is a hobby for the scene, but I do some commercial stuff too.

What are your plans for the nearest future?

Get an as interesting job (as a musician of course) as possible.

If someone will need some music for his demo or so, can he get in touch with you somehow?

Yes, no problem. My e-mail: and home phone number in Poland: 022 7749849 (Wojtek).

Would you like to send some greets?

Yes, to my girlfriend Agnieszka and the whole scene.

OK. That was the last question. Thank you and good luck.


- MAX/DeFeCt^CRyogeN^GoFerZ