Interview with Assa / ACME


Can you tell us about you and your group?

Hi, My name is Assa and I'm a 21-year-old art student from Holland. I'm part of a demo group called ACME. Acme is a dutch demo group flavored with some German, English and Scandinavian members! My "function" in ACME is taking care of design/gfx related things.

Acme made a very interesting demo time ago, called 303. Did you design it or made gfx for it?

Hmmm.. yes, 303 was a really cool demo, done in one week at Vic's place. Statix worked his ass off at the party and the demo was finished 5 hours after the deadline. :)) My part in the creation of 303 was 0%, nothing, null, etc... :) I only watched the creation process. All hard work was done by Statix (code), Vic (music) and Aap and Acryl (both gfx & design).

What are the plans for Acme now? I know that a few ppl in Acme are working with Lionhead.

ACME does not have any special plans at the moment. We might do something for the next PARTY 8, then again we might do nothing at all. :) About Lionhead studios, yes.. some of the acme Aembers are "related" to Lionhead. But it's possible to work in the game bizz and do demos, since we're all good friends. We create demos because we think it's fun to do and a nice way of expressing yourself, we're not aiming at a higher goal. We create things WE like, not the slick stuff other people prefer.

Talking about parties, did you ever attend any party?

Yes, I've visited several parties, like SIH, the Bizarre parties, Mekka, the X series, The Party etc.. Going to parties is great cuz you can meet all your "online" friends in real life and just have a great time.

Which party did you enjoy most?

I really like the X97-Takeover party, cuz it had a nice atmosphere and some great releases.

What do you mean with 'nice atmosphere' on the party?

Demo parties have a special atmosphere. It's really fascinating to stay in a room filled with computers, smelly freaks and lots of loud noise. That's what I mean with a nice and special atmosphere. :)

What is your favourite demo, intro, group, coder, gfx, musician?

I have no special favourite demo. I like all stuff from Sonik Clique, Complex, Orange etc... etc... My favourite intro is Paper and Clone meets Clone, cuz these two little bitches are wicked! Best coder i.m.h.o is my friend Echo/Fudge. Echo's stuff really kicks some ass, he deserves a really high position on the Hornet Charts. My favourite musicians are all Ex-Amiga .mod guys (dizzy, spaceman, groo etc...), vic, scorpik, dune and a lot more. :) I like all pixels by Visualize, Destop, Danny and yet again a lot of other #pixel guys.

Do you like diskmags?

I like diskmags, but I rather see some good demo scene/news related websites. Cuz why download 8 megs of data if you can use an interactive and non-linear medium like the Internet. Too bad nobody has the time or guts to build a decent scene info with up to date information.

Don't you think diskmags are needed? You can get one and read it offline, instead of spending your money online reading it over the net.

Nope, I do not really believe in the power of true diskmags any more. I like the old Amiga chartmags, which were small and simple, but really nice to read. I rather read information from a well designed website than download a 5-meg ugly diskmag filled with lots of crap. The nice thing about the Internet is that you can filter your own information, you can choose what you want to read and which articles to skip etc.. I can surf the web with a nice speed at my school, so money is not the main issue.

About the scene on the Internet, there are Hornet, Orange Juice, don't you think these pages give the people what they need? Like news, demos, etc.

The information about demos and the demoscene which can be found on the Internet is 90% old crap, at least that's my opinion. There's only one site I check often and that's the Demoscene Fanclub, and the Hornet voting site. I wish site owners update their site much more often than once a month, cuz reading the same old, outdated information gets boring. A fresh "what's hot in the scene" page would be a welcome alternative. The best way to get some "inside information" is chatting with fellow demo guys on IRC and attending demo parties! :)

Do you wanna say anything to the sceners or hello to anyone?

Yezzzz.. I wanna say Hi to all my Acme sidekicks, all f*ckers on #pixel, and all other random friends/contacts etc... bla blahh...

How can we get in touch with you?

You can't, unless you start up your email client and mail your cheese and humbug to If you're one of those hard core ACME freaks and you can't be successful in life without reading some stylish Acme stories, hit your browser (NETSCAPE!!!) and point it to: Prefer direct connection?? Pick your local IRCnet server, and join #pixel. My nick is assa-acme or superassa, just /msg me.

- Cremax/Nothing