Interview with Sqrt(-1) / Salvador


1. Can you tell us about you and your group?

I'm an artist, who just happens to be a coder :) That is to say, I paint and draw and shite like that (y'know, manually, irl and so forth) and code, mainly high-level 3d things :) I'm quite keen on maths and wicked stuff like that. I belong to a group named Salvador (after the great Surrealist, and inventor of paranoiac-critical method, Salvador Dali). It was founded half-accidentally due to some loose-talk of mine (intoxicated as I was ;)).

2. What do you think about the progress nowadays in the demoscene?

Demoscene is a load of fetid dingos' kidneys nowadays. Not what it used to be back in the ole days... that is to say, before I became involved ;)

3. Do you think 3D is making a better scene or boring one?

A boring one. It shouldn't be, as 3d can be used inventively. It just seems that by 3d most of the scene people mean boring pre-calculated 3d fly-bys and alike :) More real interesting 3d stuff... 3d-effects, so to say. Mathematicly generated 3d-objects, perhaps fractal things, would be nice.

4. What do you think about making demos under windows?

I'm not all that into windows coding, but categorically, I wouldn't object coding a windows demo :)

5. What platform you think supports the demoscene better? Do you think DOS will survive?

Linux would be the ideal one, as it's of quite high quality and free. DOS will probably survive, due to the tradition and the fact that it is, despite arguments posed by some strange people, the most simple platform to code for.

6. What you think about hardware "support" on demos?

It's a good thing, imho. There should be a software version, too, but I see no reason why we couldn't harness the power of our computers every way we possibly can :)

7. Which is/was your favourite party (if you attended one)?

Hmm... Can't really say :)

8. What is your favourite demo?

Don't really have one...

9. Would you want to contribute to the demoscene with anything?

Well, I am currently working on a free portal-engine (and also lots of generic stuff to make it easier to port from compiler to compiler and from platform to platform). It's called I-POD and is due to be released under GPL. And I've also written couple of tutorials... Could write more tutorials, but then again that'd take time and time's something I don't have.

10. What do you think about diskmags?

Don't read much of diskmags, really, but they're nice thingys. In general, that is.

11. Are diskmags still necessary?

Yeps. Sure. Ehh... probably.

12. What do you think about other media like irc, newsgroups, online-mags?

Well, it just happens to be that I am a devoted IRC-addict ;) There was a time I used to regularily follow a few newsgroups, but they're quite much all degenerated into endless flame-wars and spam-filled junkyards. Sometimes I do check or ibm.pc.blahblah.demos (whatever it was ;)).

13. What groups do you consider "well-known" and in some way contributed to the scene?

Future Crew ;) (had to say that)

14. When do you think to release a new demo from your group? (we would like to know :)

If I only get the bloody thing coded in time, there'll be a demo from us for Abduction. There is, 100% sure, going to be one for Asm'98.

15. One last question, what are your favourite music bands? ;)

Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie shite, some Finnish underground bands, general industrial (not the hc shite).