Interview with Spectre / Flare


Can you tell us about you and your group?

I'm a 17 years old guy who is a coder of Flare. I live in Turkey.. I guess ppl haven't seen any activites from Turkey on PC scene. But I hope they'll :) There're 5 ppl in Flare including me. Violator (gfx), Vindicator (code), Muztanger (music) and Doze (music).

What do you think about the progress nowadays in the demoscene?

Good design is so important, and effects too. People must invent and produce somethings new, not copy/paste from another.. I'm bored of FD Tunnels :) or blobs! I personally don't wanna code anything that's done before.

Do you think 3D is making a better scene or boring one?

Too much 3D is boring sometimes. When a camera spins and spins and spins and shows some stupid objects :). There're some pure 3D demos but they're not boring, coz they've some nice 3D effects, design and a good 3D world. Like a movie, and it's so nice.

What do you think about moving demoscene to windows?

I must say that windows is not nice :), well.. people will understand when their demo crashes at a party :) It's too buggy to be an OS, requires a powerful computer to run tiny things. Crashes so much and does really silly things sometimes. I hate it :)

What platform you think supports the demoscene better? Do you think DOS will survive?

I think Linux is great! That's what I use now and I _don't_ need windows for _anything_. Linux is TOO powerful :) And as a demo platform, it's always a GOOD choice! And DOS will die sometime, but not now.. Violator loves DOS :)) And thinks it won't die, like C64.

What you think about hardware "support" on demos?

It's really cool when it comes to 'support' only. But there're also 3DFX-only demos. But still haven't seen a good 3DFX demo which pushes it to its limits.

Which is/was your favourite party (if you attended one)?

None. Coz I haven't attended one yet.. (well, too far. no money. and so on) But I hope I'll attend Asm98 :)

What is your favourite demo?

Didn't you say you won't ask hard questions!?! :D well, 303 by Acme I think :), and Tribes, Genocyd, follows..

Would you want to contribute to the demoscene with some of your knowledge?

Of course! I hope I'll have time to produce somethings!

What do you think about diskmags? Are diskmags still necessary?

Most boards are closed coz of internet. But I hope diskmags won't die. Coz they contain stuff that you can't find at anywhere. It's a pleasure to read, a good way to have fun, a thing that links you to the scene. It impresses me. But there're still not enough mags on the PC scene..

What do you think about other media like irc, newsgroups, online-mags?

I'm too IRC addicted, you know.. so what could I think? It's COOL! :) When I can't find any people, I look at some news groups, and can find some important infos about anything I want. This is the second place :). There're other scene sources as you said, online mags. I don't check them that much, I prefer diskmags! Diskmags forever :)

What groups do you consider "well-known" and in some way contributed to the scene?

TBL, Pulse, Acme, Orange.. :) They really do/did somethings different, somethings cool in the scene. Everybody already knows that :)

When do you think to release a new demo from your group? (we would like to know :)

Probably at Asm'98, if we can finish it. But I think we'll release at least a 64k at Asm'98 :)

One last question, what are your favourite music bands? ;)

MR.BIG!!! Tesla! Aerosmith! Steelheart! Lenny Kravitz, Billy Idol, hmm :) there're many!.. they all rock! :D