Interview with Shock


1. Can you tell us about you and your group?

A: okay, hmm... well, xtatic is an australian group.. heheh, but we have done stuff, etc... even a 64k =) (plug) hmm, dimension is a new polish group for which i am recently affiliated... be warned we will hit the scene soon... =)

2. What do you think about the progress nowadays in the demoscene?

A: progress is slow, but more and more i see the trend towards demo code, which rivals game code... and normally surpasses it.

3. Do you think 3D is making a better scene or boring one?

A: hmm, this is an interesting question... well, if done right, it will make the scene a better one... but without 2d, the 3d scene will be boring, as new things have to be done, and most demos coded using 3d hardware are too much of an object show... but it is changing for the better.

4. What do you think about making demos under windows?

A: i code under win95... well dosbox anyway... hmm, i believe demos can be done under windows... nothing wrong with that.. now we have things like ptc (by Gaffer) and midas for windows, it can be done just as well as in dos... and with windows we have less compatibility problems...

5. What platform you think supports the demoscene better? Do you think DOS will survive?

A: hmmm, i believe all platforms support the demoscene well, after all, don't we write demos to take advantage of hardware and platforms? i still like dos even tho it's annoying... i think dos will survive, as there are many purists around, and they will keep it alive.

6. What you think about hardware "support" on demos?

A: hardware support is good, provided there is also software support for those less fortunate... after all... shit, i own an sb16 and still get annoyed at those 64k intros and those demos which don't support it... as i have seen it done... so why doesn't everyone do it.

7. Which is/was your favourite party (if you attended one)?

A: well, i haven't attended any parties yet.. but i would say that coven'98 will be the turning point, then maybe next year or year after, a euro demo party =)

8. What is your favourite demo?

A: at the moment... it has to be a toss-up between fulcrum by matrix for its amazing and weird storyline (really messes up your mind) and squeezed by bomb & nomad... both for there completely different paces, etc...

9. Would you want to contribute to the demoscene with anything?

A: i would like to contribute to the demo scene with my own little projects, demos, etc...

10. What do you think about diskmags?

A: diskmags are great, for when we are offline and just relaxing... you can run them, read some news about the scene, etc... and listen to some good music =)

11. Are diskmags still necessary?

A: well they have there only little niche in the demoscene, if they disappeared, it would be like a little bit of the demoscene lost.

12. What do you think about other media like irc, online-mags?

A: irc is cool... that's how we meet, talk and just act all crazy together. all media is helpful and we do use them sometimes =)

13. What groups do you consider "well-known" and in some way contributed to the scene?

A: ok, damn, there is a list too long to place for 'well known' groups, but the usuals are pulse, tbl, quad, etc... those who are innovative enough to try new ideas, and do new things... there are also all those old groups who started it off... =)

14. When do you think to release a new demo from your group? (we would like to know :)

A: hmm, i think that we will release a new demo when we have something ready, and if a party coincides with that time, it might be released then =) but yeah... no definate things planned.

15. One last question, what are your favourite music bands? ;)

A: oh... hmm, ok, i can't name any band names, but i like most music from dance -> rock, etc... but definately no country & western =)