In Closing: The Last Words of Hugi #37

Written by Magic of Nah-Kolor

The Facebook era

Phew... 2 years have passed since the previous issue... We got delayed! I finished a study, got married and bought a house all in 2011. Sorry for this delay, my dear readers.. But goals in real life need to be reached too. In my brand new work/study/computer/fitness room I am typing these last words. All in all it's good to have finished another issue. Which turned out to be a really big one! Slightly focused on 2010 but of course mostly on 2011 with some focus on 2012 also. I started writing articles for the demoscene in 1992! 20 years of writing... I remember the demoscene when e-mail and Internet emerged. When the Internet found its path and integrated in the demoscene for the masses. This was back in the 90's. 1994, 1995... Most highschools and universities had Internet. And the demoscene was at an age when the majority of the demoscene population were students! In the 2nd half of the 90's the Internet became available for consumers and more and more sceners went online. Countrybased groups disappeared. Groups became more and more internationally based. Now anno domini 2012, in the last few years Facebook became a huge part of our demoscene. Personal pages of sceners, group pages, party pages, events, you name it, it's on Facebook. Many musicians have found their way to soundcloud to air there demoscene music. Revision brought a party app to the app store for the iphone and (the new) ipad. New information, photos, music etc. is announced on Facebook first! We have entered a new era in the demoscene! Facebook changed a little bit how sceners communciate with each other next to traditional e-mail. The chat and e-mail function in Facebook offers great help. I would almost go and say that Facebook has more impact than for example nowdays. Except it doesn't have a production database.

Flashback to 2010

Way back in August 2010 I went away for a weekend and wanted to write something for Hugi #37. Never realising it would take till April 2012 before it would be published. This is what I wrote: "It's been almost 4 months since we released the last issue of Hugi. The summer of 2010 is almost behind us. I did some writings and interviews in the last months but I didn't care to finish them in a sense of writing a final version for our preview.exe out of it. But the last 2 weeks I am getting in a more active mood again to gear up for a new issue of Hugi. Only this time I need to work really efficiently which normally I don't do because I need to study for 2 exams for my job and prepare my wedding which will take place in 2011 also. As I am writing this I am on a small midweek holiday, my soon to be wife is taking a nap and I am sitting on the balcony writing on my laptop surrounded by an excellent view on a forest. It's 17:10, some beams of sun are shining around the corner and it's just so quiet and relaxing. In the last week we have been discussing the theme and layout a little. What direction we will go to is still unknown. We did already get a new layout from Dzordan but perhaps Anthony is willing to work with us again also. I think it would be nice to take a photo of my laptop on the balcony with the last beams of sun in the forrest as an illustration for this article. So I took my camera and took a photo." Well I guess our next issue will have that layout by Anthony. Let's see.

The End.

Last words are never easy. However I can tell you that about 5-6 weeks ago our preview.exe was only 25% filled with contents. We did the impossible and I think we did a good job, all in all. Again 8 tracks. Again cliparts, title/end picture. It became a standard! Special thank yous to everybody who supported this issue, especially Forcer, who did some specific graphics and clip arts. Also kudos to Magnar. His passion for demoscene music and creating it is just unbelievable! The opening track of this issue went through many changes before it reached the version inside this issue, I can tell you. Greetz to everbody else, you know who you are, to many to sum up here.

Hugi #37 was made in the timeframe of April 2010 - April 2012. In the little spare time we had especially for the demoscene! Nothing lasts for ever! But keep on creating releases for our demoscene!


With friendly regards,

Magic of Nah-Kolor