MAiN 2012 - Party Invitation

The French party is back at full strength in 2012!
Read on to find out more!

By Magic of Nah-Kolor

Information, photos and Main 2012 banner graphics exclusively provided for this issue by H20 of Rebels


Last year's MAiN party was unfortunately canceled due to the budget cut for cultural parties. Also the party place in Arles/France which was in use the last couple of years wasn't provided for free anymore. To organize a MAiN party without funds needs total different planning, which led to the decision that 2011 would not see another MAiN party. Now in 2012, TRSi, Rebels, Cybernostra & Bitfellas are back with a new MAiN party! New City, New Party Place and almost the same date! Fasten your seatbelts and plan your visit now!

Main 2012 Facts

Date: 5.10.2012 to 7.10.2012
Stream: Scenesat
Address: 39 Cours Julien 13009 Marseille France
Compos: Demo, 64, 4k, Music, GFX, Photo & others

The MAiN#6 is a demoscene party, which is practically a meeting of an underground computer art community known as the demoscene. For more information about the demoscene itself, read the appropriate Wikipedia article.

Party Features

- Quality bigscreen
- Audio systems that match the quality of the beamers
- Free Internet access (WIFI and cable)
- Security personnel to ensure your safety
- Secured parking lots
- Food and Drink support with VERY FAIR prices
- Free Breakfast service (French bakery sweet / salty, unlimited coffee and water)
- Live stream coverage. If you can't attend, let us visit your screen
- A great selection of food and drinks
- Nice comfortable weather guaranteed, in October there is in average 23 degrees in Marseille
- Located in the heart of the city
- Lots of Bars / Restaurants / Cafes / Supermarkets around the partyplace
- 5 Min. walking distance to Marseille Trainstation
- 10 Min. walking distance to the "old harbour" with lots of sea view restaurants


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