Somebody who used to call himself a prophet


This issue is a very special edition. It's a remix of older Hugi issues. I picked some of the contents from Hugi 11 (when Hugi became English-language) to Hugi 30 that are still of interest for readers in 2009.

You may have already read some of the articles presented here (though probably a rather long time ago, so you might not remember them any more) or they may be new to you. Anyhow, you now have a collection of interesting stuff that will entertain you an evening or perhaps even longer. Maybe it will make you want to read some of the older issues of Hugi again to check out the articles that are not inside this collection. You can find a complete listing of articles published in Hugi at this location on the web. All issues of the Hugi Magazine are available for download at the Hugi website.

What hasn't been included in this issue is coding articles; there has been a special edition of Hugi dedicated to them (Coding Digest). Diskmag reviews (apart from some exceptions) are left out, too; you can find most of them in the Diskmag Encyclopedia published in Hugi issues 35 and 36. Also, only a handful of interviews and party reports are included as there are or will be special editions of Hugi dedicated to these kinds of articles. And there are no short stories except some scene-related ones.

Enjoy reading!