Breakpoint 2003 party unreport #857

By Sir Garbagetruck/Rabid Moose

I'll just start with this: this is not going to be a typical party report. I've seen a very large number of breakpoint party reports on the web, and of course I have my own recollections of the party that are different - but I just can't put out a 'mee t00 me t00 pay attention to MEEEEEE!' party report. If you really want to know what happened, then follow the directions in this unreport.

So to sum up the party:

Also, if possible, make it to any scene related party. Hell if you can make them ALL.

(This does not include a certain event called 'the party.' I am now officially (in my Truck capacity) handing the title of 'the Party' to Breakpoint.

Here's the deal - it was my first party. Those of you who know how long I've been involved may be shocked at this. I know a LOT of folks at the party were.

It will NOT be my last party.

If you have been to a party before, you understand. If you have NOT been to a party, and have any bit of the scene in your blood, go. Now. Screw everything else, get to a party. Now. Ojuice has a list. Review it. Get to Buenzli, get to Assembly, get to the Flash party in Argentina, get to Underscore, Get to Remedy, get to Symphony, get to Euskal... And then next year go to Breakpoint 2004.

Folks asked me, repeatedly, why I'd come so far for Breakpoint 2003. I knew I wanted to go, because it was going to be huge. So I had to go. Then I got there and it wasn't huge. It was ALL.

Whatever parties are close to you - go. Meet people. Compete. Share ideas. Drink beer. Enjoy being a scener. Enjoy learning what more there is. Discover what you didn't understand before. Look around and wonder where the adults are. Realize that you're the adults and it's not going to go up in flames. Hang. Be. Do.

As for me, part of my going to BP was in preparation to encourage a North American scene party. Turns out August 9, 2003 there will be a party in the US (Pilgrimage), in Salt Lake. I could complain about the location but - no I can't. I didn't organize a party; and believe me that's WORK folks. (Heap Big W00ts to the BP organizers.) Based on the NAID messageboards, the Canadian COMA party is dead due to Canadian sceners disintrest and apathy. So, this is the only thing I've got on the 'over the pond' demoscene party front in North America. And it won't be a damn thing like Breakpoint. It _will_ however be a demoscene party. There will be sceners there. And it will be a chance to compete. So I will be there, period.

Do the same for the parties near you. Or not near you. Waiting is wrong.

Go. Be. Do.

Sir Garbagetruck/Rabid Moose