Random Comments about Dialogos

This file was written by various visitors of the Dialogos 2001 demoparty, held in Jena, 2nd - 4th November, 2001. A notebook computer had been placed to the entrance, in which everyone could type his thoughts regarding the party. Let's see the result...

Hello. Melwyn on the keys. We still have about 412 megabytes diskspace to fill so I'll try to fill up the space with some more nonsense mumbo jumbo.

I have to say Dialogos has been a great party so far, even better what I expected. Couches and chillout area is a brilliant invention - from now on I demand every party should have similar facilities. You can buy refreshments from the bar and even organizers are nice here. :)

I'll try to come next year again for sure.

- Melwyn / Haujobb, mpalosuo@cs.helsinki.fi

After a couple of nice longdrinks and a good

smoke, this years dialogos is by far the most comfortable party i have ever been. sitting with my friends, while having a longdrink in a very comfortable couch, true... so true! i hope that the party gets some more positive feedback and i absolutely like the whole friendly organisation. jazz signin off./.


me is happy! i really like this party. this location is the best partylocation one could guess......

my head hurts


it was surely not easy to make dialogos 2001 become reality. anyway, i think the party is the one with the most decent flair. we have all this nice features i do miss at all the superdupa big parties. come on dialogos - touch the sky :)


hello. i am happy too. it is nice to be here. my ears are aching and i am slowly beginning to smell pretty harsh. rock on and free to freedom. or so. zwoelf11

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Im partly surrounded by very cool ppl, and some others probably misunderstood @the mission@.z But this is surely the greates party i've ev been at. Great atmosphere, and just 5 km from home ... best wishes to all visitors!

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really cool like last year, but i miss the special pizza offer. great location! very urban. the sleeping is a bit heavy because of the noize. but go on for dialogos 2002!!!

ThUmB of HeadcrasH

dialogos is really cool. i wouldn't change 10x theparty against 1x dialogos ! btw .. pizzaria rulez, the orga is kewl

dialogos is a very nice party so far, with friendly organizers and some b i g fun. hope we"ll meet again next year!


yeah, really nice party... everything is well organised. friendly atmosphere, many known faces arround here, many ppl to talk to. the cinema compos are simply great... watch out for passed out organiser, how plug you to handchains while you are sleeping! i know what im talking about :)

sobec of skullpture

dialogos rules. this is one of the coolest parties i've ever been to. good location and cool people, what does one need more? don't forget to read pain - unlock/vantage

first time dialogos is undefinable, very urban, cool orga, nice deco...go on dialogos2002

manu the princess :-)

/* guten tag ihr horste. ich will ma kurz was erzaehlen. der scheissfiggn laptop hier hat btw keine umlaute. egal. also es geht um fx_borsch(time); und fx_lorsch(time); die sind naemlich superdoll. aber das gibt dir auch nix. votet ma alle fuer den scheibe. weil der iss naemlich voll. aja. keine ahnung halt. ich sollte ma was anderes machen. ja. spaeter nochmal.. lorsch und borsch.

(und koennt ihrs naet lesen habt ihr pech.)


hier lecker komm ma lecker komm ma lecker komm ma lecker unten bei mich super lecker lekker bei mich

haujobb lecker bei. */

suck ma mofo huge,stylo prick yo home biatch!

yo i should write english, aber das ist es doch! geile party am start!

yust arrived,hey i don t know i reckon it sucks

you're wrong, dude. but now i need this notebook, catch ya later...


(notebook supported by strepto :))