Remedy 2k report


Ok...I know I'm a little late with this article since there was already a partyreport of Remedy released in the previous issue of Hugi. I'm not intending to write some kind of a compo review, so I won't talk about the compos, ok... I might mention something worth mentioning. :)

I had been waiting for this party since christmas 99. Because I was new to the scene this was going to be my first party to attend. I took the plane to Stockholm where Flow waited for me at the airport. I came a couple of days before the party so that we could code our 64k intro which we btw hadn't even started with yet. ;)

The day before the party we packed all of our things. We had planned to take Flow's computer along at first since we were going to take the bus and the train to Solna... Unfortunately it was raining when we were about to go, so we didn't take the computer along. Flow's mother was going to take the computers to the party place after work, so we had to endure a few hours not coding on our beloved machines. ;)

The party was held in Solnahallen in Solna, a suburban of Stockholm. When we finally arrived to the partyplace we were soakingly wet. We couldn't wait to get in and dry our clothes. At first the partyhall seemed quite big, and there weren't so many people at the place yet. We had a lot of space to choose our computer places, but since we were waiting for Confine, our "scene nigabros" as Deffy described, we didn't choose any places yet.

We went to ask a guy if we could use his computer before our computers would arrive (we had a disk with the workspace on it with us). He presented himself as Archaos of Tear. He told us that it was ok that we used his computer, and we were very thankful to him. (Thanx Archaos. ;) Unfortunately he didn't have DirectX SDK installed so we couldn't code on our intro.

We walked around the partyplace to see if we could see any known sceners, and the first thing I of course looked for was if I could see any sceners from Finland... well I didn't, in fact I think that I saw the first Finn on the second day... I think it was Droid of Haujobb.

A few hours later the Confine guys arrived, along with them Wmike of Outbreak. At first we didn't recognize them, but I told Flow that those guys could be Confine, and then Flow told me that he thought so too because he had seen a picture of Deffy before. So we went out to them and asked if they were Confine, and yes they were. They took places next to the bigscreen, and we took places there with flow as well.

A while later we got our computers and then things started rolling. After we had connected the computers to the network and programmed a while, we went to check out the local hamburger restaurant. We were very hungry and both of us bought a doublehamburger meal. The service was quite slow and we had to wait quite a while before we got our burgers, but when we finally got them they were quite ok.

When we came back the compo hall was already quite full. We went to our places and started coding on our intro again. While we were coding, the organizers were showing movies on the bigscreen. If I remember right the first movie they showed was called something like American Gigolo. They also showed Fightclub, Event Horizon, The Spice girls movie (which no one liked ;) and then on the closing day some strange animated Japanese pornfilm which was about some monsters or demons fucking some chickz.... strange ppl those Japanese. ;) I can't recall so much of the first night since I didn't sleep at all, and when you do that you lose your idea of what time it is, and you're very tired. [-)

The second day didn't differ from the first day so much... we mainly coded on our intro the whole time. We also checked out the party kiosk and went to buy a couple jolts. I think it was Snuski's brother who stood in the kiosk selling. If I remember right one JOLT cost 6 sek and a 24-pack cost 120 sek.

Since I'm writing this report a while after Remedy I can't remember exactly on what day everything happened, so if someone notices an error they can give me feedback about that.

On the second day the organizers organized a c64 game compo. The game was some kind of a ninja game (I'm sorry to say that I don't know the name of the game). It was quite entertaining to watch the competition exept that after a while you got really bored to watch or hear it since it continued for a quite long time.

The compos were extremely delayed. I don't remember exactly how many hours, but I do remember that it was a long time. We finished our intro 30 seconds before the deadline and handed in the disk with the entry on it. Then we just waited, waited, waited, waited and waited for the compos to begin.

I don't remember any specific things from the graphics and music compos except that the winner of the pixeled graphics compo was a worthy winner and that the mutlichannel music entries were a bit to much "commercial"-"goagoa" - or how should I express it...

Array participated in the intro64k compo with the entry "bitwise", a Replay-inspired minimalistic prod. We came 4th with the intro, and I guess it was a ok placing, though we were quite surprised that Squirrelz came third with their intro "heart". The demo by amc was a worthy winner though I liked the Replay demo very much... music suited the design perfectly. :)

I guess I don't have so much more to say. I liked the party, and I will probably attend Remedy next year as well.