Ufff! I wish I had some inspiration writing this! But I can't even use the keyboard properly - or let's better say - I am using it in a different way than before. Before what?

Aha! That's a question and the answer will be the headline this time as well:


Lalala! Here we go then. The party for speccy, speccy, PC, speccy, amiga, speccy, speccy, speccy, BK and speccy and c=64 - oh yeah? Yep, there were some c=64 demoshows during the first day (wasn't there then, perhaps I was still somewhere in Tallinn). But maybe later about this, because I still didn't tell you some impotent facts about CC'000 - ooooooooooo bla bla blah...

Organizers: Concern Chaos, Digital Reality etc. (later taken over by visitors)

Place: Saint-Petersburg, Russia (uhh I love this place!)

By the way. I just didn't use the keyboard much for 15 or so days (10 of them spent in Saintblabla) - that's about that fact about that keyboard which that I can't that use erm, okay, let's go back to the r0000000ts.

Date: august it was, I remember, I remember, hmmm, is that so important, which?

Platforms: you moron, I listed them above!

Number of visitors: unknown, higher than expected, I estimate ~400 (?)

Number of compo entries: shitloads, though only speccy compos were well balanced and of high quality.

Level of miliciya activity: average (they destroyed vodka and got beaten up too)

Level of drinking activity: extremely high (the award vodkahedz goes to our byelorussian brothers!)

Level of fun: high, especially drinking vodka with fellow groupmates from Ukraine and Russia (hi my sons!)

Okay. I have to write 3 reports about this party. Yes, yes, poor me. One for a PC magazine (Hugi), one for Spectrum (Subliminal Extacy) and one for c=64 (Domination). Each of these reports will be different of course, but the problem is that I still haven't decided which diskzine this one is meant for. Scheisse! Ahhh! Yeah, as I am now writing this on PC (actually I am still ~250 km from home, stuck in Riga for a while on my way back, in a place where the PHT HQ was located a year ago and where PHAT9 took place ---


Check http://phat0.phantasy-hq.com for information on the freakish party you shouldn't miss!

--- okay, let me close this) perhaps this should go for a PC magazine. Adok, you are lucky today. =] I'm singing in the rain... Lallala!

So let's concentrate on PC. I remember one quite kewl 64K intro by Proxium I think. Didn't see the second good one - motherfucker Unbeliever/XTM forced me to count these stinky votesheets. But the music in that intro sucked bigtime... And no design, just good objects and rendering. In fact, I can't say that goa is shitty music. It sounds quite complex and not so easy to make, though it completely lacks innovation and it is just boring. And, most of all, it is NOT psychedelic! No no no, you better listen to The Doors then, though techno or electro or whatever is much more psychedelic or maybe - okay, but the r0000tz are calling again, so let's get back to the party, eh? After all what are we talking about? Lalalala.

What else? I didn't talk much with PC dudes, unfortunately. For some strange reason I had a t-shirt with amiga symbols (bought at Enlight'97), so when I said "hi" to some PC scener, he stared at me and I just couldn't say anything anymore looking how blood rose in his eyes. On the other hand I never got beaten up in the toilet by amiga dudes who were constantly hanging out there, because I could always show my tshirt and scream "amiga rulez - pc sux!!!!" and then just sing like I am doing it now -- lalalalalaaaa.

Well. Good that I notice myself how non-informative and full of bullshit this report is. So I will stop now and try to add something later, when I will be out of this ficken lalalala mood!

Ja poshol nahuj.

Okay, I am back, after a month and some 10 days I believe to finish this report. My CD player plays one of the pirated cds I bought in Saint-Petersburg (damn cheap they are there I think, one is less than $2 and they are of good quality, with a coloured cover etc.) - hehe so no need to lalala, Boards Of Canada owns me! I'm at home now, still writing on my PC, so of course this one goes for Hugi.

I just deleted something I've written since it was with no sense and way too stupid. ;D Though now that leaves the question open what I should write.

This was the second Russian party I was at, the first one being the legendary Enlight'97 (ohhh man I have never written a report about this but it just rocked, and Level of miliciya activity: extremely high since we got busted) and it boasted the same unique atmosphere. No visitors (almost) bought computers along with them, no local network, no Internet, just seats to sit and watch compos. The other time we could safely drink and talk about the scene and have sex and use cars and fish or whatever you like. It's hard to describe this atmosphere using these WORDS, but it's very friendly (though fights may happen anytime of course ;]) and funny as well.

The Russian scene is very strong, I would say. There's a thing which is both very good and bad - the Russian scene is strong enough to live within itself, as Russia is large enough and there are enough sceners to have an internal scene, a local one if you like. And that is what they are mostly having. Besides some outbreaks (like Looker House, Drink Or Die, Extreme Entertainment, T-Rex and some others) they are all unknown to the outer world. The speccy scene, which is very big in Russia, is now getting closer and closer to the western speccy scene, though language is a barrier Russians barely get over. Is it so hard to learn English? No, it is not, but they don't want to. Eh, enough, or else I will get carried away again. Hope you liked this "report". ;D

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