RtsY Report


The RtsY party was held from Sep. 3 to Sep. 5 near Grenoble, in France. It's the third of September 1999. This evening I got up at 5:30. Now it's 8:15 and we are reaching the party place. In the party room there are already 40 ppl with their computers. The party place is dark, under the hot lights of the party room the people are doing various things: surfing the LAN, using various software, listening to music, playing, programming, making music, modelling... There are two big screens in the party place. One is used to display demos and other stuff, the second is used to display the party information: compo deadlines, useful infos on the LAN and other thing, and the entry names and authors during the compos. The hours are passing. It is 12:00 o'clock and we are under a big storm. Suddenly my screen gets black and my hd is stopping: there is no more energy for us. Happily I haven't been doing anything important. The organisers decide to project demos on the big screen while repairing the stuff. We see a lot of demos and intros such as Stash by TBL. I already found Stash impressive without sound (I don't have a GUS), but I found it really amazing with the music - but still less amazing than void3 by Kolor. The energy is back at about 13:00.

Most of the ppl arrived at the party place on Friday evening. There are not many "known" groups, there is only the Popsy Team, Eclipse and Mentasm. On Saturday 200 ppl are at the party place.

During the night between Friday and Saturday the energy stops again. This time I didn't save my 3d-texture-mapping procedure with rgb gouraud shading and a 16-bit Z-Buffer (for curious ppl: 11 cycles per pixel when the pixel is hidden and 22 when not) ... shit! Apart from that, I spent my time coding my 3d engine 100% in assembler, I also took myself for a musician and for a 3d-gfxer. Well, I have done a pattern in 30 minutes which was almost as good as some multichannel music entries.

The compo entries... Let's talk about them. There was obviously not the best quality you could find in the demoscene, but the fun-atmosphere was great. The organisers seemed not very organised for the compos. The deadlines and the projection hours were not respected. As far as I remenber, there weren't such problems at the Rts last year. Maybe that's linked with the fact that this party was organised without Greuh!. I don't want to be partial on that point, but to my mind kicking Greuh! of the organising team was as stupid as starting to tell everyone to boycott that party. Actually we spent there 51 hours. Greedo didn't sleep, but he smoke a lot with the organisers. I slept four hours on my keyboard. Unfortunately we had to leave on Sunday morning and we didn't see the demo-compos.

Greetings to: Franky, MasterBoy, Moses, Odin, Made, Rez, Krafton, Djamm, Dario Phong, all members of Twilight, all ex-members of The Utopians, #demofr, #coders, #pixelfr, #traxfr.

Respects to: Hugi Crew, Bomb, Popsy Team, Nomad, Eclipse, Kolor, Smash Designs, Future Crew, Triton, Imphobia, TBL, Tpolm, Doomsday, Orange, Orange Juice, Scene.org, Fudge, Cocoon, Syndrome.

"Coding in C/C++ is like driving with the handbrake on" (TAD)