Bizarre 1999 Live Report

ex0cet and Bizarre people

Party: Bizarre 1999 Demoscene event
Location: Etten-Leur (Netherlands)
People: +/- 500
Network: multiple Gigabit backbone based network (10/100 Mbit UTP)

Start: 3-sept 21:14

just arrived at the party!!! wooo! the report computer is online now.. now everybody can write what they want.. please NO CRAP!! .. only things about the PARTY!@# please also save!!

president: haha! i like to start with this thing for hugi. it's been a long time since i've actually been so close to exo's pc :) i'd like to invitate loads of people to do a bit of typing on this pc. it's all soooo easy, you just HAVE to put your HANDS on this keyboard and tell some nice things about having sex with your mum orso.

snowball > yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo ..... chillin' with ma homie Xam .... wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

coat: hiya! /me will also be typing some nice words about bizarre'99, it's 22:35 and almost everyone is inside (i hope so 'coz there isn't much room left for more sceners :) but everyone is pretty relaxed and there aren't many gamers here and I've seen loads a people work on their entries. Most of the dutch scene is here and making some real quality! I'll be back later when I succeeded in getting onto the network and on IRC and had a few chats with my friends! Later!

douby: bleh! sucksors first the power supply was fucked up and guess what... now the irc server doesn't work... this sucksors really hard....

pambe: .. zo, anders laten jullie mij ook even schrijven met mijn vette nibbit vingertjes, bestwel leuk hierow enzo alleen ik verveel me enzo vandaar dat ik hiero op ram :) ja man. ciau. ik uit.

coat: Hmz about an hour later now and i still cant get on the network :( but dummie/gs has a connnection so i'm sure i can upload my entries :) It's getting real hot in here sow i'm off to catch some fresh air!

snowball : eej pambe next time wipe your fingers off BEFORE you type on ex0cet's keyboard..

scouzy: no power, no network, it looks like ambience :)

pambe: fuk'n power.

synap: i'm putting ashtray's on every table :)

pambe: synap: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU! ..i need 1 too!!

synap: here :] pambe's got your ashtray..

pambe: yeh man, that's much better then eh, that can of cola of me.. hmm.. that's it again i guess.. ciao!

synap: i've got still sum ashtray's left!

lemon1zer :: You fools :) , this is for a cewl english talking!?!? magazine So.. i suck in english :) .. but i try btw EXOCET is kinda 1 happy brave fellow.. wHAHahhaHAA. It's big time ass kicking fun here!, only realy hot hot. WHHAAA who cares!? ..... ... ... ..flatline.. .. . .

lemon1zer :: all the ECOLOVE homeboys are here! 1 big orgie.. ! ;)

The Chief : : This is a very nice party

coat: YEEEEEAAAHHH!!! Finally i got on the network................ now i've got another problem: i can't find any place to upload my entries or any deadlines for a compo :( i think i'll be delivering my entries on a 1.44mb floppy disk 'coz that's really retro.. :) (man, i can't believe i got that out of mouth) i'm of to finish my d&b entry for the house compo. Later!

pambe: hee, eventjes geen engels hoor, veelste laat voor jullie weten :) wat een hoeren hollands kut keyboard trouwens. okay i must type english from exocet :) okay, let's start. i'm pambe, where are you from? .. jaha, dat was mijn eerste les engels je weet toch :) LOL. ahem, the irc server is still not available. fok that. a lot of noise in here enzo, i thought big speakers were not allowed but i can heat that lamer rogek over here :) ok, enough -> koel teken eh ? lateron folks.

scouzy: als rogek zen takke speakers nou eens uit wil zetten.. dan zou het<< hier ook wat fijner worden.. (voor de niet engels sprekende onder jullie..

Limb : Um, gatver eerst dit ff, BRRRRRRrrrrr kut toetsenbord! Gaarne nimmer meer IBM CRAP!!! ook hanteer ik nu het partij gebeuren, he een report compu!!!! HEHEHEH ff de ziek hanteren op dit system random paarse handen loop ik hier te typen. heb al drank op... (zeggen ze althans) Ok, het is nu... (normaal kijk ik op mijn klokje van windows :) ok, dan niet... oeps! moest engels hanteren... ok, all i said is... that the keyboard sux! (dutch keyboard) and. MY ENGLISH SUX! hehhehe, immer die rotte comma van mij +' << dit is mijn smile hierop er zit namelijk gewoon een macro in mij van smile +' nouja, ik lul alweer teveel.... misschien sta ik verderop nog wel een keer, LEEZ DIT! -> HIER IS HET status = !lowrestemperatuur; dus hanteer de reken uit maar, BANAAN.

pambe: let's change those ugly blue colors into something from the darkside.

ex0cet: damn.. how much did i tell you dudes.. talk ENGLISH! ehhe.. buttah.. i stil can't connect to the network (0:20) sow.. let's draw sum ansi.. the AMBIENCE here is GREAT.. (02:30) sow.. i'm doing ansi on the report pc now.. sow.. uh... my yogho yogho tastes good.. hmmm.. strawberry taste... haha.. well.. i'll pass the keyboard to someone else.. btw: it's fuk'n hot here.. not Bizarre's fault btw.. it's fukn warm in the netherlands.. bye..

zn0wba11: ex0 > english English ... this is Holland you stupid ... hmmm i think i make a little exception this time ... bcause you have drawn me some fine titties 8)

ex0cet: it is still warm here ehhe.. but i go to bed soon.. TO BED?? yeh.. i brought my car.. so i got to be fit when i'm going home.. i never sleep at party's.. but this is the first time that i'll sleep.. :).. good night.. cu tomorrow :)

Da Radical Ray: Beuh... eindelijk die f*ckin' computer die ik te leen had gekregen aan de praat gekregen... hmmm.. netwerk loopt hiero ook al niet... ow, tschijnt dat ik in inliesj mot pratuh: voor uit dan maar... well... uh... bye or sumthang? (note that Ray is feeling very strange at tha moment so please don't pay any attention 2 hiz crap, aight?)

lemon44 :: EXO >> Whhahahha you are lying !? you mommy told you to go to bed real soon and eat a lot of carrots andd euhmm lemons! ;) Yeahh mann this keybord sucks! it's a dutch keyboard or somthing i heard!?? well at least i just watch the film ANTZ and it was MTF cool! :) ( sorry i'am just a harmless child ) Owjehhh! the ansi deadline is tommorow so ansi dudes here! we got allll the time euh ?? off.. for know

MethoD: YO! Yeah.. me loggin in into the infamouse free report write thingie.. whatever.. well.. Bizarre is pretty cool allthough i still do not have any network.. but that's my own f*ckin fault! cause i'm just too lazy to open my system and stash the card in.. hehe.. whatever.. thank gawd, all my releases where ready BEFORE the party started.. so no buggin about that.. eh.. this keyboard sucks anal.. is it an infamouse bulgarian prowozki keyboard or something.. well.. seen some cool stuph from people who are busy makin stuph.. eh.. strange sentence..fuck it.. i don't care.. eh.. well.. me loggin out.. givin the board to.. EPPO!! methout!

EpPo: Yeah... it's me... euh... EpPo, on the second party of my life. Indeed this keyboard sux. I've just installed all my shit and i'm even on da network. That's already a big achievement for me as for Take Over last may (i guess) it took me three days to leach just one simple MP3.... Okay... enough for now.... let's get this network card into Method's compu. MORE WRITINGS BELOW PLEEZ !!!! out.

ex0cet: like.. this is a REAL DUTCH key-bored heheh :) like keyb NL u all use an UK keybored... but what the hell.. at least it is not a belgian keyboard hehe.. oohjeh.. i just woke up.. after sum dude played very loud GUANO APES / LORD OF THE BOARDS ... hehe.. but what the heck.. i'm hungry... hmmm bizarre supplies is with VERY fresh food and stuff.. you can buy almost everything at the caterng store.. well done bizarre!!!

silence: damnit. just started to write this thingie in dutch. fuck me. anyway. maybe i'll come back later to type all that shit again, but then in some englisch language orso. anyway, got to run again. adios.

limb : DAMN!, i think network sux :)

ile: Wow, the dutch sceners sure know what to talk about here. This keyboard sucks. Who cares anyway. Ok, this party unlike other dutch parties is fucking loud (eheh). Fortunately i am sitting in the room where those lovely linux-freaks should be. Argh. Who cares what i am doing anyway. I'm bored (10:15)

snq: ile should shut up :))

inoop> zzoooooooooooo brak

ile: snq, how nice you always put it, those snappy remarks :)

ex0cet: hmm.. just had a very good cup of coffee.. burps!@# it's 10:35 and still fukn hot.. bleuh!!

Morphine: ahum.. feeling very VERY dull at the moment sitting next to screes who is desperatly in love with me. Ahum .. i think i had a little too much boosters and stuff but. euh.. who cares. Finished some music. Had a GREAT harddisk crash (thanks linux hackers!) and eh, lost about 10 gig of hd space (2 gig samples). Mwoa.. great party! well.. i am getting used to it, since ambience 98 i am prepared for everything, but always forget to back things up. Who cares anyway. well.. i'm off now. screes, there ya go.

Screes: rrrrrrrrrr! Well, grrrrrrreat party, nice atmosphere.. little bit tooooo hot, but you get used of the smelling sceners :) Man, morphine thinks i'm really in love with him,.. right now he's blowing smoke in my face.. man .. i'm getting turned up. :P Well, that's it. man.. if somebody is reading this.. WHY?! this is bullshit! You'r a FREAK! laterrrrrrs. (

Morphine: (drewling) The opening of Biz was pretty impressive by the way ;-)))) BIG Laugh nice openingword and stuff..

snowball> i think i'm falling in love with lemon44... he wrote me such fine fine things... hahaha the ansi compo is ours 8( we gonna kick presidents ass ... wieeeeeeeee

lemon1zer :: helllooo man the power suply sucked draw a joint with sn! sn!! is the MAN in those outlines.. buut the power went off and i was so tired i forgot savingg :( that's by 2 hours BUUttt i most say the have a reeaal best ever seen compo screen whahahah really rocks ass with that expensive beammer! i though it was 10 by 6 meters don't know .. .hmm ITTTTT"SSSSS HOOOOT HOoOT .

douby : aight... everything's fine in here xcept for the temperature.. my balls are freezing off in here's so fucking ccccccold... heh, i just heard the ansi compo isn't until 4 o'clock so that sucks and since i haven't got anything better to do i'm writing this shit... laters

lemon1zer >> douby :: you are a great jokerman!! :) (COLD!? in my ear!?)

snowball: whaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm losing all my snow ..... it melts like hell over here 8( .... bzzz

cls: it's hotter at our place. don't be a softie :)

the avenger: waooh.. just arrived, and this place is *hooooot*. damn, this keyboard sux like hell, took me an hour just to find the goddamned '*'.. buttehrm.. i'm just gonna hang around till that stupid ansicompo is gonna start.. :)

cls: yeah... when dus it fucking start?

the avenger: cls, where the fuck are you anyway? wanna see that ansi of yours and i don't feel like waiting till the compo :)

jape: hee da's lang geleden dat ik een party report pc gezien heb uhm.. nou w8 maar op de koele entries van te (kuch).. ennuh uhm..\ nouja ik bel strax wel terug :)

ex0cet: just handed my ansi-entry in on a disk to the bizarre crew.. yes.. let's do it the old way.. fuck the network :)

Stirf: Bizarre, nice as any Dutch Party!

pambe: hmm, just some reporting now :) network is still fucked up. my dcc was about 0.6kb/s :)) but wthell, i'm outtah here.

Underdog_: They said Lowres 97 was the COOLest Party, then this must be the HOTTEST party ever ;) I'm going downstairs and give all the newbies one advice: DON'T GO AND SIT ON THE BALCONY.

DaBug: Toch wel kloote zo'n airco die ze niet aan zette... toch die organisatie us gaan kicke ;] c-yah, dudez...

ex0cet: ansi compo is starting up.. hurray!! i hope president and l44 or snowball win the compo.. their ansi's are fukn good.. well.. mine was half done.. but what the heck..

eggbird: tis groot feest. alle door het netwerk geuploade entries zijn weg en nu moet alles per diskette ofzo. zegt men. maar er is wel een ansi compo. vreemd. bla.

Lemon1zer :: Those mtf didn't show my, snowballs and exocet ansi's!!? They vieuwed the ansi's like 5 a 7 sec (no joke) and almost didn't scroll them.. pwbbaaa suckkers!!! i'am goin to kill tonight!! :) but yes we finnaly had a public from 40 people that's big here in holland ... losseerr.. bye bye

Cosmic Trance / fusion music crew: Ah, leuk,,.. een party report... nog helemaal niet gezien.. tsjongejonge.. zet es effe op mode con: rate=32 delay=1 of zo..\ schiet niet op zo.. en dat kankertoetsenbord al helemaal niet. boeie.. moet weer gaan.. sjeez.. zitten nog maar op regel 330 het is gloeiendheet.. ik ben hier zoiets aan't verdampen.. poeh moet weer verder. mzl, cosmic trance / fusion music crew en lgc out\

the avenger: yeah that ansicompo sucked hard, but hey. what do you expect when i don't enter in a compo :) nah. just kiddin'. totally pathetic the way they organised that compo though, scrolling ansis at lightspeed, and mixing up names.. just pathetic, but hey, at least we're not freezing our asses off..

Jeuk.IJSKAST: onze 64k gaat winnen. onze demo gaat winnen. onze raytrace entry gaat winnen. onze handdrawn entry gaat winnen. is er eigenlijk een surprise compo? Zo ja, dan gaan wij die winnen. Prepare for IJSKAST.

snowball: boehahahahahah fear ijskast....

ex0cet: why does everybody complain only for about a keyboard?? duh.. i brought this computer with my for YOU!! yeh YOU! the bizarre people!!

Seven: Hmm, I didn't even know the ANSI-compo happened. They should announce this! Well, maybe they did, I'm just to concentrated on my just-a-little-above-4K-intro to notice :) Nice party though!

the AllodoX: woei.. zwaar kutkeyboard.. vette sauna , thank god dat ik niet hier zit.. *Mhuahahahah*

exocet: well.. they showed only a few anis's in VGA MODE!! duh!! sux bigtime. oohyeh.. they "lost" my ansi.. hmmm.. strange..

synap: Phear my eleet vuilnis man skills *vuilnis man = garbage man*

XtreeMan: Just been to the GFX Compo, things aren't as they used to be :( .. Though, some were pritty cool, just the amount was a bit disappointing ..

lemOn1zer>> :: this KEyboard ruless exocet :) hehehehhehhe and i think that it was a ruling idee for you to bring this computer for a real cool mag. going outside to hot :) yes we are not lying here!! but heeyy you know me big and strong Mmoewahahahha :)

ex0cet: yeh.. that's the spirit!! if it is -30 degrees or +40 degrees we keep behind our computers until we die :)))

cls\ if you guys want to do that, it's allright with me :) i'm not going to do that :)

smoke: zo zeg we krijgen die intro echt niet af. oh engels

Y: I'm so bored... And there something wrong with the kbd setting here...

Faith/ROLE: So what?

kokkie: oh yeah remember AMIGA PPC RULEZ !!!!!!!!!

Here MiniTower speaking: AMIGA KICKS ASS


MiniTower: ja weet ik (he ehe ehe)

ex0cet: it is 20:30 now.. and uh.. they put yhe lights out sow now it is very nice to see all those computers.. hehe.. ooh.. some dude here got this flashing red light.. very irritating.. buttah.. who cares?? :)

coat: yeah, it's been a real long time since you heard, w8 i'll be right back, i've got to check some things together with lemon44

Faith/ROLE: It's about half past twelve and still weaky weeky

lemon1zer :: wanna go home have a shower .. :(

DaBug : het is bijna 1 uur. bug=gaar, mzzle

ex0cet: animation compo is coming right up... wow i'm so exited..

kokkie: It is still veeeeeeeeeeeeeery HOT inside here :-( !!!! Oh yeah still remember AMIGA PPC/G4 RULEZ !!!!! SOON :-)

DEEJAY: I fully support this opinion as stated above :-) AMIGA will return !!!!!!

KaleMan : just woke up with QWERTY on my forehead and ESC on the side of my head; please reset me...

President: Damn, i wish i had something to do. But Lemon fell asleep right before MY computer! :) So, i was that bored to type this.

ex0cet: they play a lot of cewl movies in the compo hall... like blade, 10 things i hate about you.. but the compo hall is like a big fukn cinema.. nice seats, BIG and VERY BIG screen... WOW!@ THIS ROQZ!@#

Gangsta: Exo has sleep well tonight, as you can see , Notttttt

ex0cet: ahah.. it's 10:30 now.. there are like hundreds of computers here now.. but there are only about 80 people here.. is everybody asleep???? heheh.. but it is a bit cooler then yesterday.. well.. i'm looking forward to see de demo's.. now. let's have sume breakfast.. :)) ooh wait a minute.. hehe the 4k and 64k demo's are now.. later.. : um ja wel leuk hier... enne vette demos muziek enz enz ..

jape: vette demo's? dit was erg triest voor een democompo

lemon2zer :: i expected a bit more from the demo compo. mann the 64kb was cooler :) But nothing was a rulling as the animation compo.. it kicked ass. like over 4 hours i go home, but exo i can still see you on the internet with that flex webcam. :) I'am waiting for the end so i'll here i won nothing :) * we have reach the 450 lines *

lemon44 :: fuck those biz oragnizer (not all) .. first they can't view the ansi's, 2e they promist they show SN! vs L44 ansi after a other compo. BUttt nooo that wasn't possible. (same story for exocets ansi) They sayed you can download them on intranet. yeahhh right.. under the music compo you can see our ansi's !! f*ck theem (again not all of them) :( off.

snow: go lemon .. go lemon ... I HATE THOSE BASTARDS ... f50 entree fee... for what ! SUCKERS this is quite a good therapy ....

douby: yeah! this is one of the most sucking parties i've been to .. nothing works as it's supposed to ... even ambience was fucking better than biz '99

ex0cet: ..sux.. but there is also something positive to say.. it is almost time to go home.. :) heh kidding..


- It was very hot.

- 5934235 people complained about this keyboard. :)

- The network sucked at our place (maybe it worked fine somewhere else).

- The ambience was great.

- Catering was great.

- Compohall (theatre) was GREAT..

- Last year, Bizarre's network was 100 times better... (maybe next year it will be great).

End: 5-sept 21:45