Evoke '99 Report

Written by Crest

After a bit more than 3 1/2 hours of travel in quite a heavy loaded car we (KB, Yoda, Sierra and me) arrived at the 'Kulturzentrum' in Langerwehe. The party had been running for abound nine hours at this time and the opening ceremony was already over. A bit less than 200 people were in the hall and there was space for another 200, so it was easy to get a good place. In the first night some problems with the power supply occured. The picture quality of the big screen was really ok like in the past years at Evoke.

On my right side were Syntic and Ryg. Syntic was working on a part for a demo from Smash Designs that ended up 2nd in the democompo. Behind me some members from the group Noir were sitting. They contributed with a very excellent animation that unfortunately got only 2nd place in the wild compo. The group Vacuum was present with their own tent with a carpet and a fully equipped kitchen.

On the next day also the party network (without internet access) worked. It was stable. The people from Suburban Creations were busy with spreading flyers for the Dialogos party in Jena/Germany. There were also some visitors from the Netherlands and even from America (on their way back from Assembly). Shortly after 2 pm it was time for my demoshow on the big screen: the best demos from 1992 until 1997. Because of lack of time it wasn't possible to show all demos, so maybe I will continue with the second part at the Dialogos party. In the 4k-intro compo there was only one entry, but this one was quite nice and came with sound support. Later KB made an excellent live performance (singing & dancing) on the stage in front of the big screen. The 64k-compo was dominated by the kick-ass intro 'pre-cloned' from Haujobb. The best one that I have seen this year! In the music compos there were some quite nice tunes.

The first compo on the third day was the wild compo with the already mentioned animation from Noir. The compo was won by a joke entry from 'Plschmuschi'. After a long delay finally the democompo started, but the quality of the demos was not much above average. Kolor won the compo the third time in a row, congratulations! There was also a demo from the so called 'Future Crew' [actually it was Vacuum] with a very funny dialogue between two computer people and pictures from the uC3d party that was held near Bingen/Germany. The long delay was filled with c64 demos and funny animations from the Pixar company. At last it was time for some sleep. About two hours after the voting deadline (you could vote with a votedisk or on the party network) it was time for the prize giving. It seemed that not all prize winners were happy with winning a SuSE Linux distribution. One destroyed it live on stage.

Finally we grabbed our stuff and after a food stop we made our way back to Oldenburg.

All in all Evoke was again a success and a party with real scene feeling unlike on the big parties - congrats to Poti, Faxe and the other organizers! With more visitors the food support should be improved because the only hot dog grill nearby was closed from late evening until next morning.