Report: Underground Conference 3d

Written by Sir Phase

Scamp and Masta posted around the URL of the uC3d web-site, so I surfed to it and read the invitation stuff. I was pretty interested in this party, since it was called Underground Conference, and it seemed that only the German elite was allowed to attend it. I don't think I'm elite, but I dropped a mail to Scamp about Bloodwing's and my wish to attend. And as you might have guessed, he confirmed it.

Ok, then, on June 25th, we arrived at the party place, two tents on a field in the deep, dark forest of Bingen. The first reaction to our arriving was some TUM guys shouting "No lamers!". Hm. We built up our equipment and started idling around on IRC. That was boring, so we started drinking the beer we had brought along. After some bottles, we went to the organizers' tent to get some RULEs (303 RULE = 1 DM). After that, we talked to some of the other visitors, and the atmosphere was already very cool. The only disturbing thing was Paniq playing his "Imperial March Remix" up and down. Then we went out to chat again. A few minutes later I got a serious urge to go to toilet, where I fell asleep (no joke).

The next thing I remember is that they tried to start the shit-music compo. Someone presented his entry, a German church song. Pretty nice, but since he had no competitors, they faked the deadline.

After sleeping on the toilet (by the way, I've heard that the toilets still stand at the party place), I went back to my PC, where I talked to some other sceners. At about 5:00 am I went to our tent, which we had built a bit drunken, so it was pretty crappy. Hm.

Next morning, we got up and went back to our systems. As far as I remember, the first compos were held now, and they started with the shit-music compo, won by Paniq with his Hava Nagila Megamix. Then came the Fast compos. The task was to make a demo containing music, gfx and a video of Scamp breakdancing naked on the grass. Of course, there was no such entry. The fast music compo was cool, most entries were disqualified for weird reasons, and again the winner was Paniq.

Later in the evening, there was a 180BPM Topfschlagen compo. The goal was to hit a box with a staff with 180 hits per minute. Pretty nice, and KB's beat detection system surprisingly worked pretty fine.

At night the demo compo was held. The only entry was R11 by Elitegroup, an altered version of their Takeover demo R12, which was another version of an earlier production, I think it was called R0. Pretty funny. Well, then there were some live-acts. At first Paniq played some strange fake-beats on KB's Trinity, but then KB's legendary live-act started. He sang four songs, "The Lamer's Ballad" (lyrics: "Vote for me, I am the best! Vote for me, forget the rest!" and so on), followed by an "MMMMMMM" remix and "Depeche Mode - No Good" translated to German and with accompaniment by Paniq. Furthermore, there was a remix of Rammstein's "Engel", where the lyrics were faked to fit to "Coder".

KB's next entry was for the Multi-Channel with Live-Support compo. It was a jazzy song about a Zementmixer (I don't even try to translate that), which was the only entry. I was suprised that KB is able to sing. Some time before or after that, I can't remember, the organizers had a long drug session, so the organizing was completely dead. That was a bit sucky, because I was hungry. Hm.

Soon the beer reservoir was empty. That sucked even more.

I think this was the night when we watched Matrix on the "big screen" (the tent wall). During Matrix, we made a compo with Deranged: the first one banned on was the winner. I won.

The next day started with a nice ceremony. The bible of lame code, namely PC Underground, was burned, after Paniq had read some lines using a priest-tone. Then we had the Hardware ARJ compo, where Wiesel, Bombe and another guy tried to compress an old tower. They didn't really suceed, but there were some chips flying out of the system, and Wiesel distributed them. I got one, yeah.

At about 12:00 AM, my father picked us up (since we're 16 we have no car), and the first prize for the "Best Pick-up-Daddy" compo that some of the organizers had spontaneously invented was handed out. Guess who got it.

Then the other prices where given. Paniq got almost every prize. Hm. Then Hellfire and D.Fox had to do a Gulasch-Suppe-eating compo, because they had an equal amount of points. Hellfire won it, so he got 303 Gulasch points.

After the ceremony, we left the party place.

All in all the party was very cool and funny, much better than Takeover, which had really disappointed us, mainly because we knew almost nobody there, which was completely different this time. It wasn't a real demo party, but a very cool party. Compliments to the fake-organizing.

To spread some rumours, Scamp plans to make a UC every 6 months, a summer and a winter UC. Be sure to attend them, if you think you're 'leet enough.

- Sir Phase