Hugi 11 - Obscene Scene Magascene (1998)

The Crossfade

Cubic Spline Basics


Soundcode in Jizz, Stash or Erratic

XNUMCAPS - a 48-byte TSR

Hugi 12 - Huge Disk Mega Zine (1998)


Technical Information on the archiver ACE V1.2

2D-Animations In Pascal

Image Compression: BTC (Block Truncation Code)

Manipulating the BIOS Font

LZP Data Compression

Lzss Compression, or: How I Won Hugi Compo #2

Watcom's Name-Mangleing

OpenCP Device-Development

Rotozoomer Tutorial

Splines and Quaternions

How To Do Fast Realtime Vertexnormal Calculation


Hugi 13 - For Educational Purposes (1998)

Anti-Aliasing in 256 Colours

Stretch Effect and Bounce

The Burrows-Wheeler Transform

Linux Demo Coding

On-The-Fly Continuous Level Of Detail Generation For Polygonal Meshes

The S-Fire Implementation

Taking Advantage Of Virtual Screens

Hugi 14 - Hugi in Afghanistan (1999)

Windows Programming Master Class - Stage 1

Optimizing The Putbits

Fast Mipmap Level Of Detail Computation

About Texture Mapping


LZ77, The Basics of Compression

Hooray 4K Intro

Optimizing For The Coprocessor

A Brief Look At File Format Design

Free Direction Rendering

F***ing Learn To Code Again

Interesting Cloud/Marble Effect


Why BWT Works

Blur Does Not Equal Antialiasing

The Basics Of Functions

Hugi 15 - Whenever You Are Alone (1999)

2D Rotation and Why it Works

Matrix Operations

Fixed Point Maths

3D Clipping

The Definitive Guide To The Third Dimension (Part 1)

Alpha Blending

Programming Graphics in Assembler

Back Face Culling

DirectX Basics

Move To Front: A Transformation Algorithm

Quick Sort, A Fast Sorting Algorithm

Realtime Radial Blur Filter

RLE: A Basic Data Compression Scheme

Parabolic Curves And Fake-G

Faster and Better RGB Palette Fades

Optimizing "Putbits" Part II

Optimizing "Getbits" Part I

A Huffman, But No Tree?

Decoding a Tree-Less Huffman

LZT - A Variation on the LZP Algorithm

LZW - Some Patent Free Ideas For Improvement/Further Research

An Introduction to Linked Lists and Nodes

Displaying 256 Colour PCX Pictures

Rolling The Dice, in A Pseudo-Way - Some Random Words

Storing and Searching For Byte Sequences

Stacks, Pipes and Circular Buffers

Some Thoughts about LZ Compression

Line Drawing in Mode-X

Textmode Colors

Hugi 16 - The Royal Scene Magazine (1999)

3D Coding TAT - Preface

3D Coding TAT - Introduction/Waffle

3D Coding TAT - Patchwork Landscapes

3D Coding TAT - Non-Linear (Curved) Landscapes

3D Coding TAT - 3D Coding TAT - Voxel Landscapes

3D Coding TAT - The "Planet" Method

3D Coding TAT - Sorting Out The Performance Problem

3D Coding TAT - Render Attribute Trees (Rats)

3D Coding TAT - "Noah" - Flood Fill Rendering

3D Coding TAT - The Missing Link? "Inlet" Rendering

3D Coding TAT - Volume Meshes (Distorted Cube Arrays)

3D Coding TAT - S-Buffer (Span Buffer Techniques)

3D Coding TAT - Line Clipping & Polygon Edge Clipping

3D Coding TAT - Polygon Drawing & Clipping

3D Coding TAT - Trapezoidal Decomposition

3D Coding TAT - Group Vertex Clipping

3D Coding TAT - Smooth Lines & Anti-Aliasing

3D Coding TAT - Plants, Trees And Forests

3D Coding TAT - Convex Polyhedra, Planes And Surface-Details

3D Coding TAT - Projections And Corrections

3D Coding TAT - Unfolding Polyhedra & Mapping Adjacent Faces

3D Coding TAT - Our 3D World Is Flat

3D Coding TAT - Distant Horizons

3D Coding TAT - Tips And Tricks

3D Coding TAT - Gallons Into Pint Pots

3D Coding TAT - Terminology & Incorrect Phrazes

3D Coding TAT - Final Words

Lightwave Bones

Standard CRC 32

Simple, Small and Lean Tutorial on DirectDraw

The Basics Of Image Filtering

Using the Coprocessor

Advanced Topics of the FPU

Faster Putbits

LZW Data Compression

Organica 1.0 File Format V0.8

How To Code 16 Bit Color Graphics

How To Add Two 16 Bit RGB565 Pixels Together Nicely

32 Bpp Graphics Coding

The CPUID Instruction

Static Huffman

Sine Generation Tutorial

A Simple (And Very Fast) 2-D LZP Variation

LZP-S: Yet Another Idea For The LZP Algorithm

Optimizing "Putbits" Part III

Trees Tutorial

World Class 3D Clipping

Zbuffer And Other Sorting Topics

Hugi 17 - For International Affairs (1999)

The Making of Discloned

Adding 16bpp Pixels

3D Clipping Addendum

The Hidden Power of BCD Instructions

Canonical Huffman

Using Overlapping in Inner Loops

Detecting Windows Version

When Fibonacci And Huffman Met

Polygonizing Of Implicit Surfaces

OpenGL in Demos

Setting Vesa Video Modes

Basic Audio Compression

An Introduction to CD Error Correction

A Simple, Flexible File Format Method

Drawing Triangles. Rasterization Tutorial

Win32 Assembler Tutorial Chapter 0.5

Moving To Windows Part 0

Moving To Windows Part 1

Moving To Windows Part 2

Moving To Windows Part 3

Moving To Windows Part 4

Moving To Windows Part 5

Hugi 18 - The Eminent (1999)

Compression Editorial

Adding 16 bit pixels

Adding 16bpp pixels using MMX

Arithmetic Coding

80x86 and 680x0 resources

Distorting 3d objects

An Introduction to Design Patterns

Some Behavioural Design Patterns

Some Creational Design Patterns

Some Structural Design Patterns

Generating textures for 64k intros

IA-64 Overview

Newbie Coders Diary - Entry #0

Quasi Static model

Range coder

RGB565 saturated addition

Yet Another Song Format

Win32 Assembler Tutorial Chapter 1.2beta

Win32 Assembler Tutorial Part 2.718

Hugi 19 - The Superior (2000)

C++ Tips-n-Tricks

Yehar's sound DSP tutorial for the braindead!

Finite Context Modelling

Heap Sort

Ideal mode crash course

MMX and Mixing Samples

Advice for Newbie Coders

Using dynamically loadable objects under Linux

What is Python?

Unix shell for demo coders

Win32 Assembler Tutorial Part 3.141

Some Coding Techniques For Beginners

Terminology for data compression

Burrows-Wheeler Transform Theory

Texture Generation For 64k Intros

Compression Ramblings

Introduction To OpenGL and to this tutorial series

OpenGL Tutorial #1

OpenGL Tutorial #2

OpenGL Tutorial #3

OpenGL Tutorial #4

OpenGL Tutorial #5

OpenGL Tutorial #6

An Introduction to PPM Encoders

Texture file formats & saving textures

Merge Sort

Rawhed's Tutorial #5: MMX

FIG - loading a GIF file

Some words about my source code style

Some Size Optimization

Polymorphic viruses (and out-of-date virus definitions)

Hugi 20 - The Source of Life (2000)

3dNow! Tutorial

Poor man's bilinear

3DS Rotation Track Interpolation

Quick Introduction to 4k Intros under Windows

P-mode Size Optimization

Rules of SIMD Optimisation

Improved LZP

Information Theory: A 28k Crash Course

GameBoy coding tutorial

Cheap'n'nasty transfers

How tape loaders work

Hugi 21 - The Devil Family (2000)

Ector's Crash Course in 32-bit color Math


Lousy map/texture generator

Hints for 4k Intro Coders

Basic cache optimisations

Caching textures and other data

SIMD-FP Optimisation Techniques Revised

Small Windows Executables

Arithmetic Coding

A simple boot sector for a single disk/single OS

The Design and Structure of the Domainatrix Operating System

Win32 Assembler Tutorial Chapter 4k

Beginner's Guide to Modern PC Demo Coding

Hugi 22 - Eternal Sunshine (2001)

Making of fr-08: .the .product


PHP for beginners

SQL for beginners

Marching Cubes

Matrix Operations

Java demo coding - Wrapping up an applet in a full screen window

Java demo coding - Threads and timing

Java demo coding - Drawing stuff

4K Bump Mapping in Turbo Pascal

Recursive Synthesis of Triangle, Sawtooth and Square waves

3D Visibility Pipeline for dynamic worlds

Topic Tracking and Detection: A project

Marching Cubes Based Polygonisation

Demogroup homepage in PHP with MySQL

Faked Fog

Time synchronization under Windows

Hugi 23 - Alone in the Woods (2001)

Lapsuus on Amiga

Making of Panorama 2 for Linux

Introduction to Sorting Algorithms

Approximating functions using Taylor polynoms

Texture Mapping

Creating a scripting engine

Minimax interpolating polynomials

Optimizing 'Getbits' part 2

Optimizing 'Putbits' part IV

Fast and dirty SIN/COS rotation


Java size optimization

Beginner's Guide to Modern PC Demo Coding 2: Setting up the Palette

Backface culling with just an AND operation


Economic ways

A Linear Algebra Course

Real Time Ray Tracing

The Art of Optimising

Writing a Scripting Engine

Optimizing Refraction for Raytracing

Hugi 24 - The Shift (2002)

Sines and cosines for fun and profit

Texture mapping, part 2

Raytracing shapes

Line & circle drawing algorithms

Antialiased font rendering

Metatorus and other iso

Skinned Mesh technique

Unreal Texture Filtration

Numerical computation of derivative

Writing a 512b intro for Win32

Hugi 25 - Fairy Power (2002)

The Ruby Language - A new player in the arena

Flash 5 - part 1: Intro & Overview

Flash 5 - part 2: The User-Interface

Flash 5 - part 3: Basic drawing

Flash 5 - part 4: Timelines, Frames and Layers

Flash 5 - part 5: Buttons

Flash 5 - part 6: Basic Action-scripting

Flash 5 - part 7: Keyboard, Mouse &emp; Text Output

Flash 5 - part 8: Movie-Clips & GUI gadgets

The DirectX 8 Pixel Shader

Texture Mapping, part 3

Fractions, division and Bresenham lines

Extended faked fog

Ray-triangle intersection tests for dummies

Introducing Bonz's HUGI formatting system

Binary Search Trees

Floating point numbers' bottlenecks

A neat 12-Byte translation method

Text editors &emp; Memory Management

The Smallest 'putbits' routine

Optimizing for SSE: A Case Study

Hugi 26 - Techno Tarantula (2003)

Behind the magic - Generating 3d worlds from scratch

Making a 64k intro

OpenGL with Assembly in 4kb - Notes from the Field

Solve Adok's quiz and more with dynamic programming

Smart Memory Leak Detector

PHP v4.2.x and register_globals - Coding the new way

A yet smaller 'putbit' routine

Functions to Objects

Object-Orientated Code

TAD's quick intro to JavaScript &emp; DOM

Hugi 27 - The Freedom Diskmag (2003)

Blasting the Bounds of Standard Math-Ops

Writing a 2D effect in Java

Writing correct and robust JavaScript

WinAPI Wrapper Library

Creating a 4k Windows intro - Part 1

Creating a 4k Windows intro - Part 2

Polygon Drawing - Part 1

Polygon Drawing - Part 2

Basics of Templating in PHP

Memory Managment that makes your code size smaller

Sphere Tessellation 101: The Art of Making Spheres out of Triangles

An Introduction to Reverse Engineering

Understanding Intel Instruction Sizes

Triangle Drawing: Calculating the Deltas - Part 1

Triangle Drawing: Calculating the Deltas - Part 2

TAD's Quick ASP Database tut

TAD's Quick ASP Database tut 2

TAD's Quick ASP Database tut 3

TAD's Quick ASP Database tut 4

TAD's Quick ASP Database tut 5

Drawing ActiveX Control Into Memory Buffer

Hugi 28 - The Unnamed One (2003)

Watcom is back

OpenUDS: A demo-oriented crossplatform framework

Force-driven particles

Implementing the implicit Euler method for mass-spring systems

Optimus' Basic Introduction to 3D - Why do the equations work

Introduction to Shaders

4k intros and Delphi

Setting up Concurrent Source Code Management using CVS

CAB dropping

The Making of Arcadia

Fast Byte Sorting Algorithm

ASP - security

Flash e-Diagrams

Unwanted Junk

Fast Alloc and Free

Min Max Occlusion Volumes

Converting articles from Hugi 12 - 17 to Panorama

Getting Started with Assembly Language Programming

Assembly Language - What Do All Those Instructions Do?

Assembly Language - Addressing

Assembly Language - 32-Bit Mode

Assembly Language - Floating Point

Hugi 29 - The Blue One (2004)

Presenting DevLib, a multimedia framework

Fractal compression in intros

Even faster Alloc and Free

Hugi 30 - Scene Substance (2005)

ASM Implementation of Blasting the Bounds of Standard Math-Ops

Euphoria - A fast and simple interpreted programming language

Bucket Sorting

Own Exporter plug-in for 3DS Max

Using OpenGL Extensions

Understanding the Common Information Model

Hugi 31 - Friendship is all (2005)

3DS MAX as 64K intro editor

Dynamic Constants

Creating Demos - Coder Tutorial 1

Creating Demos - Coder Tutorial 2

Creating Demos - Coder Tutorial 3

Creating Demos - Coder Tutorial 4

Creating Demos - Coder Tutorial 5

Creating Demos - Coder Tutorial 6

Creating Demos - Coder Tutorial 7

Hugi 32 - Say it with flowers (2006)

My mistakes in GUI design

Hash tables for physical based simulations

Redrawing old diagrams using Flash

Image Compression

An introduction to L.IN.OLEUM

Some thoughts about compression

Basics of Cryptology

Demo Coding with Pure Basic 01

Demo Coding with Pure Basic 02

Demo Coding with Pure Basic 03

Horizontal Text Scroller Demo with Music Player

Hugi 33 - MP3 Power (2007)

Making of "nano"

The Making of Angelic Forum

Elbow-deep in bytes - extracting assets from demos

Creating Demos in XPL0

3D Rendering in XPL0

A 3D Iterated function system fractal editor

3D Model Loading

Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

Hugi 34 - World of Scene (2008)

Making of Malewitsch and Ferner

On looking deeper into gm.dls, wtf

Reaction-Diffusion Texture Generation on GPU

Plugin Architecture for Demo Systems

XNA Game Studio Tutorial

Hugi 35 - Disruption in Chaos Theory (2008)

Flexible Logging System with filters

Sound in XNA Game Studio

How to rip background pictures from diskmags

Hugi 36 - Jukebox Delight (2010)

The Making of Turbulence

How to create a bump-mapped rotozoom

Hugi 37 - Around the World (2012)

PandaCube: Making of PC-05 Flux

The Making of "We Come In Peace"

Flocking about with the Kinect

Heuristic Optimization Techniques

Computing the Convex Hull

On ray casting, ray tracing, ray marching

A collection of tips and tricks for OHP demomaking

Hugi Special Edition (2012)

An Introduction to Logics

Genetic Programming with OpenGL

Creating a simple action game