The Making of Angelic Forum

By Magic of Nah-Kolor and WIE8 of ALLien Senses


This article is about the demo Angelic Forum released at Breakpoint 2007 by Anadune and Allien Senses. The demo itself is a flyby but the graphics are just so very well done - I think it's never seen before on the demoscene. Basically the demo itself consists of the following scenes: House, Plane, Statue, Balloon, greetings with in between some nice pouetic sentences. Credits for this demo are: code by Mr.Acryl, music by Jazzcat & Chaser, graphics by: Wie8, Morbid Karbid, Dzordan, Klicek, Codi, Konras, Slizgi, Cosh.

The Making of...

Hugi had an exclusive talk with one of the makers of this demo, Wie8 of Allien Senses: "Hi! my nickname in the demoscene is Wie8. I come from Poland and I'm the main organizer of the Polish demogroup called ALLien Senses. I founded this group in 2004 together with MasterM (one of our coders). I'm also in charge of design and graphics in our productions. Allien Senses is my first demogroup. So far I've participated mainly in most of our productions like Subjective Experience... a 16 seconds demo, Awakening Musicdisks series and our newest demo made for BP called Angelic Forum."

This article is illustrated with pictures from the demo but also features some 'making of' pictures. Hugi wondered how the Angelic Forum project was initiated. "On 1st of january 2007 I started working together with Mr.Acryl and Codi from Anadune. Then after several ideas popped into our heads we made some sketches and wrote the storyboard. Meanwhile during the production phase MasterM wrote the "lyrics" which can be seen during the demo (thanks!). Our main inspiration was a beautiful track composed by our ex-musician Defactor called 'Angelic Forum'. There were some extremely difficult and challenging things. For example nearly all graphics were created by Asenses crew in 3dsmax but the engine uses Maya so everything had to be converted to Maya's format. Also I had to quickly learn Maya to put everything together and make scenes and animations." Wie8 comments and continues: "We could not use the music by Defactor because Defactor has officialy left ALLien Senses some time ago. The reason was several inner-team disagreements and other personal stuff. Pity..."

For Angelic Forum the music was now done by the Polish musician Jazzcat. "Jazzcat wanted to make music for us. Jazzcat is an old friend of Mr.Acryl's so he made music for us together with Chaser", Wie8 comments. We think the music is of a high quality and fits the demo nicely. Perhaps the demo could have had more scenes. All in all the end result is not bad though. But Wie8 is more critical: "Hmm I think a lot things could be better in this demo like camera movements especially. I like the colours in our demo. :) They are really excellent in my humble opinion. :) I think the best parts of the demo are the water scene at the beginning and the angel scene. HDR adds realism to the scenes and so makes it look better. Also the demoscene should use and promote high end technologies (such as HDR) as it has been doing since the very beginning. (to moje zdanie) heh :D"

Allien Senses and Anadune are Polish groups. The Polish demoscene used to be the biggest and most active demoscene around. Hugi wonders whether the Polish demoscene is in a decay. The Polish demo scene seems to have grown old. We asked Wie8 what he thinks of this and what we can expect from Allien Senses in the future. "In a short way, though I don't think I can answer that question objectively, Poles are in general lazy people so I think this might be the problem. Also we don't have parties anymore... No Symphony and Abstract. Expect more productions from Allien Asenses in this year. Right now we working on 64k intro for Assembly 2oo7. So we will attack soon :) I can't tell you more, it's top secret :)"


All in all Hugi thinks this demo stands out what the graphics are concerned. Not many, or maybe no-one has shown so much eye candy as Angelic Forum. Too bad the competition at Breakpoint 2007 was very high so it only got 9th place. It should have been a couple of places higher we think. If you have not seen this demo yet download it from here.

Finally we gave wie8 the opportunity to say some last words: "Everyone interested in the subject will see this demo. No ads. :) And I would like to greet the following groups: addict, anadune, asd, bypass, cns, farbrausch, mfx, new age beats, plastic, traction, tbl and tpolm. Polska scena zyje ;) That's ALL :) (traction, move your ass and do more original demos :D) (original!=wireframe boxes) :D Visit our website at:"

We end this article with the full lyrics from the demo:

What's the most important thing in our lives ?
What's the essence of our existence ?
Reality ? No... Our Dreams.

A genius with a vision.
An ordinary man with an extraordinary passion.
A man whose life is devoted to one goal...
...reach the heavens.

But sometimes dreams are full of pain.

His determination...
...motivated him not to abandon his hopes.
Besides hatred and misunderstanding.
...of society.

Once again dreams seem to be more real than ever...
But will he find enough courage to make them real ?

We fly to transform dreams into reality.
Rising high towards the sky to reach the angel within us...
...Our true selves.
Through tears and suffering this way leads...
But reaching the goal is the highest achievement.

Great goals are reached with small steps.
Never resign...
Never abandon your dreams...
Only time is needed...
...which will surely pass by...

This article is dedicated to Mr.Acryl of Anadune, one of the nicest, most active and coolest sceners the Polish scene ever had!

Magic & WIE8