Member Links

Every member has the opportunity to have his/her name, country/state of residence, the URL of his/her homepage and his/her interests listed. If a member prefers not to be listed, that is also okay.

Current list:

1. Claus Volko (Vienna, Austria) - Computer Science, Logic, Game Development, Biochemistry
2. Anthony Brown (Washington State, USA) - Psychology, Art
3. Thomas Hally (Jalisco, Mexico) - Languages, History, Writing Poetry and Short Stories
4. Timothy Mahony (Queensland, Australia)
5. Victor Hingsberg (Canada)
6. Domagoj Kutle (Zagreb, Croatia) - Sports (powerlifting, skydiving, table tennis), Psychology, Parapsychology, Religion, History
7. James Chan (Singapore) - World Music, Philosophy
8. Richard Friedl (Austria) - Behavioral Economics, Philosophy, Indie Rock, Motorcycling
9. (Anonymous member, Germany)
10. Denis Walch (Tyrol, Austria) - Psychology, Music, Politics, Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetics, General Linguistics
11. Joshua Sparks (Lithuania) - Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of time, Metaphysics, Evolutionary Psychology, Cognitive biases
12. Sudarshan Murthy (India)
13. Garrett Arpin (Canada) - Writing lyrics, Programming, Learning
14. Sriram Balasubramanian (India) - Philosophy, Physics, Literature (English, Sanskrit)
15. Jakub Oblizajek (Poland) - Philosophy, Logic, Programming (Python, JavaScript, Ruby), Trains
16. Iris Studeny (Austria) - Reading, Travelling, Fishing with bare hands
17. Anja Jaenicke (Germany)
18. Morteza Bahrami (Iran)
19. (Anonymous member, USA)
20. (Anonymous member, USA)
21. Veronica Palladino (Italy) - Medicine, Astronomy
22. Jewoong Moon (South Korea)
23. Matisse Alexander (USA) - Computer Programming, Philosophy, Mathematics
24. Watcharaphol Chitvattanawong (Thailand)
25. Christian Sorensen (Belgium) - Metaphysics, Noethics
26. Konstantinos Ntalachanis (Greece)
27. Abdul Rehman (Pakistan) - Writing Fiction
28. Nitish Joshi (India) - Playing Tennis, Solving Logical and Spatial Puzzles, Solving Mathematical Problems, Researching in the field of Science and Technology
29. Goh Zhi Hwee (Singapore) - Recreational Mathematics
30. Thomas Ossel (Netherlands) - Psychology, Mathematics, Philosophy, Martial Arts (aikijujutsu, neijia and qi/nei-gong)
31. Kenneth Myers (USA) - Doing nothing, Talking incessantly, Arguing with others on and offline, Time travel, Sleeping, Logology, Space-Time diagrams, and occasionally, Chess
32. Michael (United Kingdom) - Physics
33. Jiancong Yin (China)
34. Srinwan Roy (India) - Acting
35. Nareerat Soogsan (Thailand) - Reading, Cooking, Stargazing, Learning New Skills, Painting, Astronomy, Science, Art & Technology.

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