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Welcome to the official website of Prudentia High IQ Society!

This society was founded on July 12th, 2018 by Claus Volko (Vienna, Austria). It is a High IQ Society for the Top 1/250 of the general population - that is, for people with an IQ of 140 or higher (on a scale with arithmetic mean 100 and standard deviation 15).

We are an international society accepting members from all over the world. Our goal however is not to enable just online communication but also to gather enough people in various places of the world so that real life, face to face meetings can be held on a regular or semi-regular basis.

If you meet the qualification, we would welcome you to join us! People with high education (university level) and/or interest in science and philosophy are especially welcome. Apart from meetings, we would like to host scientific debates and enable our members to cooperate on research projects.


The qualification is an IQ at or above the 99.6th percentile of the general population. This corresponds to an IQ of 140 or higher on a scale with arithmetic mean 100 and standard deviation 15. Thus, Prudentia is five times more selective than Mensa.

To apply for membership, please contact Claus Volko at cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com and send a screenshot or a scan of the document that shows you have achieved a score high enough, plus your full name, academic degrees (if applicable), your country of residence and a scan of your passport (the page with your personal data) to verify your identity. We accept standardized psychologist-administered or proctored tests such as the Culture Fair Intelligence Test or Raven Advanced Progressive Matrices. We also accept some online tests (such as Fiqure), but in this case, in general only first attempts count (an exception to that rule can be made in case of technical problems, for instance because you used a phone instead of a desktop PC and had problems entering the answers). In general, we reserve the right to decide case by case whether an applicant is accepted as a member.

Membership Fee

Membership is free of charge and we are not planning to change that. However, it is possible that some fee will be charged for attendance with certain events such as face to face meetings.


For any questions feel free to contact Claus Volko at cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com.

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