Claus D. Volko - Trophies

Mathematics Contest 1997 ("outstanding performance")

Equally Normed Numerical Derivation Test 2013 (IQ 172)

Global Genius Generation Group (IQ 160+)

Elite IQ Society (IQ 145+)

ISI Society (IQ 148+)

Mensa (IQ 130+)

UBERIQ (IQ 145+)

The VedIQ Guild (IQ 130+)

VeNuS High IQ Society (IQ 147+)

Fiqure IQ Test (IQ 160 on 1st attempt)

GENE Verbal III IQ Test (IQ 160 on 1st attempt)

I have the following academic degrees:

Scores I achieved on IQ tests in the course of the years:

The arithmetic mean of that is approximately 150 (Percentile: 99.957).