Claus D. Volko


I am an Austrian software developer, diskmag editor and medical scientist. Nowadays I spend most of my time programming computers using Visual C#. I am primarily into algorithm engineering and I also enjoy code optimization a lot. In my Master's degree studies in computational intelligence, I delved into formal logic and theoretical computer science. In my sparetime I occasionally contribute to medical research projects, focusing on endocrinology, immunology, oncology and psychiatry, which has already resulted in a couple of publications.

I am also interested in differential psychology, epistemology and political philosophy. I have a verified IQ of 145 or higher and the Rational temperament according to Keirsey (probably INTP according to Myers-Briggs). My DISC type seems to be C or Cd. According to the website, my three dominant archetypes are Intellectual, Creative and Visionary.

On the Internet many people know me by my nickname Adok for having been the editor of the Hugi Magazine and the organizer of the Hugi Size Coding Competition, which seem to be notable enough for Wikipedia to dedicate a page to them. I am also known for a tutorial on QBasic programming which I wrote when I was 12 years old - it is still referenced at Wikiversity.

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