Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Claus D. Volko, BSc
Computer and Medical Scientist
Interests: Philosophy, History, Science, Computers
Contact Address: cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com

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I am the main editor of the Hugi Magazine, the former organizer of the Hugi Size Coding Competition, an author of several scientific publications in the fields of medicine (endocrinology, immunology, oncology, psychiatry) and computer science (medical informatics, numerical simulation of thermal bridges), the maintainer of the website 21st Century Headlines, a hobbyist game developer and novelist, the creator of one of the Internet's popular logic quizzes and also an author of several books (see page on publications), including a tutorial on QBasic programming that is quite popular in the German speaking countries.

I was born in October 1983 in Vienna, Austria where I received my academic education and still reside. Nowadays I am earning my money as a Visual C# software developer.

Demosceners and readers of the PC-Heimwerker and Computer Flohmarkt magazines which I used to write for in my youth know me under my nickname Adok. I am also quite known in the international high IQ community for some top scores on high range tests (e.g. 172 on ENNDT - third highest score in the world).

My particular interests include epistemology, the philosophy of science, political philosophy, paleobiology, biochemistry, algorithms and data structures, logics, formal languages, automata theory, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, the demoscene, diskmags and computer/video games, especially from the 16-bit era.

You can contact me via email if you have common interests with me or would like to ask me any question you think I might be able to answer. I speak German and English fluently, and I also learned French at high school.


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