Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Claus D. Volko, BSc
Computer and Medical Scientist
Visual C# Software Developer
Main Editor of Hugi Magazine
Interests: Philosophy, History, Science
Contact: cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com



Quick Bio:
*1983, Vienna, Austria, Europe. My father wanted me to become a doctor while I was more interested in computers in my youth. After teaching myself to program when I was eight, I started editing an electronic magazine at age twelve and kept spending almost my entire sparetime on it. Upon graduation from high school, I studied medicine and computer science in parallel. In the end I became a software developer who occasionally participated in medical research projects as a leisure activity. My actual interests revolve around metaphysics, epistemology and cognitive sciences.
I am also the maintainer of the website 21st Century Headlines where I try to give interested readers an up-to-date overview of current trends in science and technology, especially biomedical sciences, computers and physics, and I recently founded the Web Portal on Computational Biology.
I am a proud member of more than a dozen high IQ societies, the two most selective of which are the Global Genius Generation Group and the VeNuS High IQ Society. I think there is no doubt I am a versatile mind and a true polymath.

At the moment, the primary fields of interest which I would like to learn more about are:

Feel free to contact me if you have similar interests.