Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Claus D. Volko, BSc
Creative Theorist and Philosopher
Computer and Medical Scientist
Professional Visual C# Software Developer
Systems Biology & Artificial Life Enthusiast
Contact: cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com

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Symbiont Conversion Theory - A New Scientific Theory I am developing right now
("Human Rights for Bacteria!" - "Menschenrechte für Bakterien!")

"Money is just a means to an end. The actual purpose of life is to be creative."

Yes, I am a Lightworker (Indigo).

Quick Bio:
*1983, Vienna, Austria, Europe. My father wanted me to become a doctor while I was more interested in computers in my youth. After teaching myself to program when I was eight, I started editing an electronic magazine at age twelve and kept spending almost my entire sparetime on it - Hugi Magazine. Upon graduation from high school, I studied medicine and computer science in parallel. In the end I became a software developer who occasionally participated in medical research projects as a leisure activity. I am also the maintainer of the website 21st Century Headlines where I try to give interested readers an up-to-date overview of current trends in science and technology, especially biomedical sciences, computers and physics, and I recently founded the Web Portal on Computational Biology and the website Medical Djinni. I think there is no doubt I am a versatile mind and a true polymath.

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