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Here is the complete Hugi-archive.
It's best viewed with 1024x768, then we know you have enough money to buy a new monitor, isn't it ?.When you press on a title screen so you enlarge it. Click on the link under the title screens to download the issue.

When you see this Eeeek ! sign, then you can listen (when you click on the sign and when you have installed modplug) to the title them of the issue.

1996 Kaktus and The Real Adok released the number 1 of the "Hugendubelexpress". Issue 1 to 8 had only German texts.

Hugi 1 - May 1996  Hugi 2 -August 1996   Hugi 3 - November 1996 

Hugi 9 started with a english section and the whole mag is redesigned.

Hugi 4 - January 1997 Hugi 5- March 1997 Hugi 6- May 1997  Hugi 7 -August 1997  Hugi 8 - October 1997 
Hugi 9 - November 1997

 It exist two versions of Hugi 10. One with the (argh) MIDAS Sound System and the second with the Indoor Music System. With Hugi 11, it exist a big english and a big german section - one and only main editor is now Adok. Hugi 12 if available in a DOS and a Windows Version.

Hugi 10 - April 1998 Hugi 11 - June 1998 Hugi 12 - September 1998 Hugi 13 - December 1998
    "zektor" by makke / comic pirates "the WIJ Guys" by masterboy, coax cable / wij"moonshin" by steffo/cryonics


From Hugi 16 and Hugi 18 it exist a russian edition. Hugi 17 was the last issue with a German part because they putt all German articles in a seperate mag - hugi.ger.

Hugi 14 - April 1999

Hugi 15 - June 1999

Hugi 16 - September 1999

Hugi 16 - September 1999 - russian edition

Hugi 17 - August 1999

Hugi 17 Bonus-Pack

Hugi 18 - December 1999

Hugi 18 - December 1999 - russian edition

"louder than signs" by benjam/TUM"rotting corpse" by laxical/scoopex/ACME"hugi boogie" by makke/CP/hugi "no more noise" by nightbeat/prometheus/nebula"let me swing gently" by dawnstar "popularity" by bacter/quasar"mild climate" by echo/level-d/diffusion "color of blue" by avalanche/trinity"der erste mondflug" by p-rat"similar" by spin "One of a kind" by acumen"Late nights" by andromeda/noice/kfmf/razor1911"exclusive" by traymuss/GiRaFfE


Hugi.ger #1 - March 2000
read it online

Hugi.ger #2 - September 2000
read it online
"hang on, dude" by paniq/tdr/vacuum "lunatic" by hinser/realevolution "hang on, dude" by paniq/tdr/vacuum

Hugi 19 - April 2000
Hugi 19 Bonus-Pack
read it online

Hugi 20- Augustl 2000
Hugi 20 Bonus-Pack
Hugi 21- December 2000
"diskmagic" by makke/visuale"medithor" by p-rate/Access Denied"Lone Byte" by JKL/CoSl "il parco dei bambini" by Ciccilleju!/Apocalypse Design"Welcomes" by CoaXCable/TRSI"farewell reality by Stanley/Trinity "Voices from Past" by Yero"Lady Lucifer" by Acumen"The Swamps" by Exodus/Scienide


Hugi 22- February 2001 Hugi 23 - August 2001
"Insanity" by iliks"Real" by chavez/funktion"Hidden library" by JKL/CoSI"mattias' adventures!" by chavez/funktion"Sunday morning" by rieha/array"suomi-iskelma" by chavez/funktion"finnish winter" by smirk/damage"90's house project" by Ciccilleju/Apocalypse Design "Voices from Past" by Yero"Lady Lucifer" by Acumen"Hiding deep inside" by Steffo/Cryonics


Hugi 24 - January 2002
"Etxe" by JosSs"Tekni Kem" by daike/lfn"Heliocentric" by substance/mawi"mutated cheez sandwich" by pearl hunter/TDP"Farewell, my dear friends" by iliks/Hugi


hugi.ger #3 - February 2002
"The final fight" by Exodus"Future World" by Exodus"Donnerlabyrinth""olde plasseux" by Converse/Digital


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